2000 Ford Windstar LX 3.8L V6 from North America


Ford compromised quality. C-



General Comments:

This is more of a first impression review. Our 1995 Windstar GL is in the shop getting the head gaskets replaced. We're using my in-laws 2000 LX in the meantime.

Pros: From the outside, the van looks nice, and the doors close snug. Nice to have sliding side doors on both sides. The motor has nice pep and a more raspier sound than the 3.8L in our '95 model. The climate controls are better than our '95, in that you can actually control the temp in the rear whereas on ours the rear setting is either heat on (tied to heat on in front), a/c on (tied to a/c on in front), or off. In the 2000 I think it may actually be thermostat controlled, and it seems as though you can have cool air in the back with heat in the front, and vice versa. The controls for the rear windows (right by the other window controls!) and the rear wiper (on the front wiper arm) are nicely placed compared to the '95 model.

Cons: The side mirrors seem cheap in finish with the plastic shiny paint. They don't swivel as well either. The transmission in clunky when shifting between park, D, and R. The interior in general is chintzy, from the controls to the seat belt harness covers that have fallen off, to the overhead console that seems like it may break or rattle. The rear windows squeal loudly when opened or closed. The seat arm rests are hard plastic compared to the luxurious fabric in the lower trimmed GL from 95! The road noise is loud compare to our older '95.

Conclusion: If not comparing this to a model that's 5 years older, I might be naive enough to bite, given the in-laws may sell it to us $4k under blue book. However, I would rather put my money into a new engine if I have to and drive our soon-to-be 9-year-old van than deal with Ford's apparent compromises. I expected it to be of higher quality given it was LX and it was 5 years newer. I can only hope the 2003 model is nicer as the Fleet car sales are about to begin where I work.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2003

8th Dec 2005, 12:40

I have never owned a brand new car before my 2000 Windstar LX and I have vowed never to own a Ford again. Since the van was 3 months old I have been to the dealership with a "NO START" problem. The van decides that it doesn't want to start for no reason. I have kept a log on weather, fuel, mileage, number of people in van and so on, but there is nothing consistent other than when it doesn't start, it doesn't start for at least one day, no matter how many times you try. It doesn't crank over, it is just silent, but all the lights, radio and windows work. The dealership now agrees that this is a connection problem, but will probably never find it "as there are thousands of connections and we cannot look at all of them". Can you believe this? I paid $32,000 for a van that I have had in the shop over 30 times and they can't fix it. Unbelievable!! Oh, by the way, I have had the starter, rack and pinion, transmition, upper intake valve cover and seat belt buckles replaced, and the kicker is that the van only has 58,000 KM. I will never buy a Ford again and I make sure that I tell everyone I meet my horror story. My next car will be a Toyota or a Honda.

2000 Ford Windstar SEL 3.8L V6 from North America


Has it pros, but so far for us, mostly cons


We bought this vehicle used, and expected to run across some problems.

Within two days of buying this van, I heard a horrible screeching noise when I turned the wheel. The tie rod end needed replaced. Although I did not buy this vehicle from a Ford Dealership, it was covered under their dealership offered warranty.

Next was the electrical issue! Sometimes the van would start, sometimes it wouldn't. Jump starting did no good. You had to screw around with the relays until you got it to start. What a nightmare to figure out which relay is bad! I must of purchased a dozen (literally) of these relays. When I took it to the Ford Dealership that I used to take my Contour to, they figured out that it was the main relay. So they graciously fixed it pretty cheap.

Now my battery is starting to go bad (not a Ford issue), but I should be getting a warning that my charging system is failing, right?

My brake lights stick on occasion after I shut the van off. On a sunny morning, it is hard to tell they are on, and by 5 pm when I get back into the van, the battery is drained!

I, too, have a ticking sound that bothers me.

General Comments:

The vehicle is very very comfortable. We love the room. I love that when we stop at a rest area on a long trip, I can actually get out of the front seat, and walk all the way back to the rear, and feed the kids while they are still in their car seats.

Plenty of cargo room, and I feel safe in this vehicle. It is attractive, and has heated mirrors! Wow! (ha ha)

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Review Date: 7th October, 2003

21st Dec 2003, 06:42

I think it's a ford thing with the screwed up warning lights. I too used to own a '98 Contour LX and one morning my battery just died in my garage. Now, it was 5 years old and the original battery, but still, no warning light the night before that it was on its last leg, nor that morning when I was tring to force it to start. I finally got it going, but it took about 15 min. of yelling and cursing.