30th Jul 2006, 01:33

These comments came from a letter I sent to Ford a week ago with no response yet:

Ford Motor Company

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am an owner of a 2001 Ford Windstar that I purchased when I was stationed in Okinawa with the US Air Force. The van served me well for about 2 years then it started falling apart completely. I just recently spent over $1200+ in repairs with about $1400+ more in repairs deferred until I can afford it. I brought this information to one of your dealers in Aiea, HI and the impression I got was that this is what I could expect from a Ford. I expected the van to last me more than 100K miles.


Engine blew up at 58K miles. Cost approx $5,000.00

Power steering cylinder leaking /replaced

BOTH Wheel bearing assemblies. Cost $525+

BOTH brake rotors. Cost $500+

FOUR tie rods. Cost $500+

BOTH Shock absorbers and BOTH struts. $600+ (NOT YET REPLACED)

ABS Computer $800.00 (NOT YET REPLACED)

I had 94,000 miles when I brought it in for maintenance this last time. Nothing above was replaced by Ford. You only had a 3 year/36K mile warranty on this vehicle.


Oil Changed regularly

Transmission flushed twice

Tires constantly changed

Several alignments.

I expected when I paid for this new vehicle I could expect some pride in workmanship. I would like my car fixed and my costs reimbursed (at least partially). This vehicle might not be a lemon in the official definition, but it sure looks like one. I would like an official response from Ford.

3rd Aug 2009, 11:01

I suspect you think that since you are in the service, that Ford will give you a reply... Ford doesn't favor any customers over others... it treats all customers equally BAD, regardless of race, creed, or military honour.

10th Aug 2010, 17:42

I just purchased a 2001 Ford Windstar. It has 102,000 miles. The vehicle runs great so far. I think a person's driving habits can really wear a car out.. Let it go through the gears. It's not a race car. Change the fluids early.

23rd Jun 2011, 22:40

I've read many of your comments, I would like to say something positive about the Ford Windstar. Today my 2001 Ford Windstar rolled 400,000 kilometers. She has a few problems, but is still going. The best vehicle I have ever owned. She has driven thorough major snow storms (3+ feet of snow), freezing rain roads, and has always made it thorough.