22nd Nov 2001, 19:45

We have had our 1995 Windstar LX for 3 years. Replaced cracked fly wheel. Blown head gasket new engine (covered under warranty) spent $2900 on a new transmission out of own pocket. The ABS system no longer works. Power window does not work. Every time we turn around something needs to be fixed or replaced. HELP! GOING VERY BROKE, VERY FAST!!!

Will never buy another FORD piece of crap...

13th Jan 2003, 10:47

My wife and I recently purchased the Ford Windstar. Since the moment we bought it I have done everything with the money we make to keep it going. The problem is starting the piece of junk. It has a problem and the local ford dealership couldn't fix a tonka truck never mind the van. From the lights staying on to the sliding door being loose after adjustment, it's just a money grubbing pig. Will someone help to figure the starting problems out.

27th Feb 2003, 13:49

There appears to be no relief for this transmission problem, though Ford tacitly acknowledged awareness of the issue by discontinuing an aluminum flywheel that failed ($33 - or, the $27 part mentioned above) with a steel model.

We bought the 95 Windstar new, and were punished for being low-mileage drivers when the transmission blew at 42,000 miles - but a year after the warranty expired.

It's currently in the shop for the ubiquitous head gasket issue (63,000 miles). I spoke with Ford and there will be no relief on this matter, either. The extended warranty offered in 2000 was not, as some reviewers here have suggested, a recall. We got the notice, but were having no overheating or engine light issues at that time. Now that the extended warranty has expired, we're having them in spades.

Good luck from a driver who will never own another Ford vehicle.

21st Sep 2004, 12:47

We recently purchased a 1995 Windstar GL.

Very nice van... to look at.

Right out of the dealership, the check engine light popped on. We ended up taking the van back the next day to have that worked on.

Got the van back, actually drove it and discovered that the engine would overheat. Again, took the van back. It took over two months for us to actually be able to drive our van after it was purchased due to all of the things that have gone wrong with it.

There are TSB's released about the head gasket problem, yet Ford won't do a recall... tsk tsk tsk. I guess that means I no longer will purchase a Ford. And I would never recommend one again either.

After having the engine rebuild, new gaskets, new radiator and a completely new exhaust. My engine still overheats at times... What a waste.