2010 Geely MK GT 1.5 hatch from Australia and New Zealand


Certainly not worth NZD$17k


We picked up the factory fresh Geely MK GT (top of the range) from our local reputable new car dealer.

Upon inspection, before we signed any cheques, we were horrified by some of the vehicle's quirks.

We started with the boot (only able to open with the key). The hatch lifted up and the parcel tray collapsed into the rather small boot.

Next comes the back door. I grasp the loose fake chrome pull out handle and the door opens. Thus setting off the hazard lights (a Geely feature, that's not a electrical fault, but it's meant to have something with safety). As the door opened, the rubber seal draped down from the roof, and the dealers mouth draped faster.

As we sat inside on the oh so fake 'leather' seats, the beads of sweat on the salesmans head began to show.

The Toyota Echo inspired centre console was a reassuring feature, that is, until you touch it!

The factory stereo died on New Years Eve.

The aircon doesn't exactly blow my frock up, despite the four speeds.

The outboard mirrors were vibrating violently at 110km/h.

One of the keyless entry remotes hasn't worked from new.

General Comments:

In addition to what's been written above.

The driving experience:

The clutch feels like you're sinking your foot into the ass of a hypo!

Manual gearbox clunks in operation.

Electric windows vibrate and rattle on the way down. The way up certainly isn't a marathon race.

The glovebox divorced the dashboard whilst departing Woolworth's car park.

During the rare times when the parcel tray is in its intended position, the rattles make it seem more valuable on the curbside than ringing in my ears.

Handling is not what you would expect, given the salesman's certainty that it was a sporty vehicle.

Upon returning to my vehicle after a day of shopping, my rear window 'tints' had fallen to the floor.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2011

12th Feb 2011, 18:23

These cars have been in NZ for a few months, and I have NEVER seen one on the road. So you actually bought one?

19th Feb 2011, 01:02

We have only ever had used cars in the past (mostly with one previous owner.) The Honda Logo was imported, so this was the only way we could buy a new car, cheap.

At the 1500km check, the dealer rather embarrassingly (for him) had to glue the rear right door rubber seal on, because it continued to drape when the door was open.