15th Apr 2011, 05:22

Considering most of your gripes would have been evident on cars in the show room, why did you buy it?

19th Apr 2011, 22:22

In response. The only troubles we had at the start was the parcel tray and that rubber in the door. That didn't seem worth telling the dealer we didn't want the car, when they went to a lot of trouble to get it to their location.

They had a sedan as the show car in basic spec with the fabric trim. We went for the leather "fake". I've come to rather like it now though.

As a follow up, I decided to revisit my dealer with my dead headlight and he also fixed my mirrors that vibrate violently on the motorway. They just needed a bit of glue or something, and now they are fine!

Last month we had to have the wiring re-affixed to the roof light! This stopped working after some judder bars in the high street! Lovely when it's 11pm, 4 degrees, and you've just spent 3 hours at the theatre!

The engine runs great in the MK though, so it's not all doomed. It's just cheap all over.

That divorced glovebox was apparently to rooted to be re-affixed to the dashboard, and after driving for a month without one whilst the dealer sourced a new one from China, that issue is resolved. The new part is very good quality, so maybe with time the newer parts are going to result in great quality Geelys.

Might I just drop it in here that we are old people and don't trash our Geely on purpose.

I'm feeling just stupid enough to test drive the new Geely EC-7 when it touches down this year.

29th Jul 2011, 08:37

Original poster here.

Just another follow up as to what's been going on with our cheap and cheerful Chinese takeaway!

Just completed 16,000km.

My husband managed to burn the clutch out after performing a hill start outside our daughter's home. It gave off the aroma of burnt plastic inside the vehicle and grey smoke rising around outside. Dealer fixed the clutch, still feels like the ass of a hypo.

Our MK spends most of its time in the garage, however my husband and I are baffled as to how the driver's seatbelt buckle has faded extremely badly pink and brittle. It now jams in when depressed, and a swift knock of the console causes the button to click back up! The dealer continues to feud with us over whether or not this is a warranty issue.

Parking has become a mission, ever since the rear right parking sonar failed due to a trolley lightly bumping the bumper. This has since caused me to make a rather embarrassing scene outside the greengrocer. Needless to say, there's no longer a space for the rear right sonar.

We will keep to date. Drive Safe.

11th Sep 2011, 23:51

I used to work for a dealer in NZ that sold Geely new. It is widely expected that Geely will probably pull out of the NZ market because of extremely poor sales figures and a huge amount of problems with the product. The dealership I worked at eventually had to remove any automatic MK's from sale because they all packed up. We had a standing joke amongst the staff about how long it would take for a new Geely owner to come back with a fault. It was usually 24 hours or less, but on two occasions the cars never even made it out of the showroom!! Having seen how poorly these cars are made, I would not sell one to my worst enemy, let alone to a poor suspecting member of the public. NZ drivers deserve better than this.

11th Oct 2011, 23:20

Original Poster here.

We have had the rear bumper fixed for an undisclosed figure of above $1,000.

Driver and front passenger seat belt buckle replaced under warranty. The dealer remarked that this seems to be an unspecified Geely feature, and would contact Geely NZ to have it added to the spec sheet.

We were recently told that only our high stop light was working, and in the distance of just 19,500km, has managed to blow both rear brake light bulbs, in addition to our front right headlamp bulb. We were baffled by this, because the only time our headlamps get much use is when there's a play on at the local theatre.

Windscreen washer bottle recently developed a crack, and was leaking fluid through the engine bay. Also fixed under warranty.

On a happy note, our flash happy hazard lights, which come on like airport security when a door is opened, have finally given up. We won't be discussing this as a warranty issue.

Drive safe...

28th Nov 2011, 01:55

My Geely has recently destroyed its own gear box. I put it into first gear, and it reverses. How this would happen, I have no clue.

I don't understand how such a dodgy vehicle can be sold in Australia.

Buying this car was my first car loan, and I am stuck with it for another 4 and a half years.

Do not buy one of these cars, it will ruin your life.

4th Jan 2013, 03:44

Original poster here.

Another update on our cheap but not so cheerful Chinese takeaway.

We have just completed 26,200km. We have yet again had to return our Geely to the dealer for yet another brake light bulb, a broken gear selector, meaning the vehicle was left undrivable whilst away on a trip, and then upon returning from our trip, being stranded at our local Woolworths because the computer in the vehicle failed to read the remote key. This left us without our MK for nearly two months while waiting for replacement. We were given a Geely MK sedan during this, which had rattles from behind the dashboard, the unspecified feature of faded seat belt buckles. This 'loan' Geely was an automatic, and despite having travelled just 9,349km, we noticed it was hesitant to shift from 3rd to 4th, and also was quite jerky when down shifting.

Needless to say, we only have 2 months warranty left on our Geely, and are quite worried what it will be like to own, knowing if something goes wrong (which it undoubtedly will), that we will be on our own to sort it out.

Drive safe, keep you posted.

13th Feb 2013, 02:29

Good day, I am from South Africa and also drive a Geely Mk2 that I just bought. But already it is giving problems. My e-mail is nardus.vdm@gmail.com.

18th Feb 2014, 22:08

Mate, you just made the biggest mistake of your life (this is said without being rude).

Hope it does not fall apart, and I hope you do not live close to the ocean.

We bought a Geely and it was horrible.

The manual transmission threw a bearing at about 25,000km. Had that replaced by the stealership. Then after that, we had random lights coming on the dash. Took it into the dealership for a repair again. After a long journey, it would start up and sound like it was idling on 3 cylinders, and then after a few minutes it would correct itself.

We had rust forming on the bonnet and roof.

We sold it back to the dealership we bought it from for a huge loss, just before the warranty ran out. Do not want to own it if it does not have a warranty.

Chinese cars are not the same standards as today's euro and Japanese cars. They are in the same reliability bracket as the old English cars. Unreliable and underpowered with build quality issues. No wonder they are so cheap.

OK, rant over.