22nd Nov 2002, 21:33

I am I need of some major help. Could anyone tell me where I could get some headers for a Geo metro 3 cylinder 1 litre. Need new, if you know anything that might be helpful e-mail me at bansheewannabe@yahoo.com. thank you.

17th Oct 2003, 00:48

Raven Redrives makes a header for the engine. The only problem is the down tube is run along side of the motor as they are using the motor for aircraft use. I found out about it from another Geo Metro website. They said don't ask about the header unless your buying one of their (Raven Redrives) reground performance camshafts. Hope this helps.

I just bought a '92 Metro LSI convertible. Ya know-top down when its -30 doesn't sound too bad.

25th Oct 2004, 16:05

Anybody wanting GEO METRO parts can try at almost any junkyard / or You-Pullem-Yourself kind of place. I went to one in Allentown PA and found no less than 8 of the little darlings. I originally bought a whole car for $300. to put in a flying machine. After replacing the peripherals (Starter-Alternator-Water Pump-Timing belt) I now have an EXCELLENT running little engine. It does get 55 MPH no sweat! PS: Buy the CHILTON's book on it. It Is a much better book on how to do the repairs. The only thing I wonder about is where can one get a listing of the little boxed in COMPUTER for it. I got an E-3. Although there are B-6; E-4. and some other weird numbered ones. I was never able to find any info on all the models they use and why they changed so much. PS: I have a B-6 unit that someone can have for 100 Bucks. (vpraczko@hotmail.com)

Good luck in keeping the little devils' running - Just don't lug the engine too much and they WILL last well over 100 K miles.