1997 Geo Metro LSi 1.3 from North America


Good Cars last forever-



General Comments:

Geo Metro's are very reliable cars if they are taken care of. You can't trash a 9000.00 car and expect it to last forever, nothing can handle that not even a precious Honda. I have driven my Metro for years now and never had anything major go wrong just little things like the brakes and so forth. I have keep the car tuned up like the manuel says. Also I've never had any problems with this car as far as the power is concerned I know its quicker than some of the friends cars "escort, Rio, and Sidekick" It travels the interstate at speeds like every other car out there. I've driven this car at 85 miles an hour for long periods of time without any problems.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2002

1997 Geo Metro LSi Inline V3 1.0 Liter from North America


Cheap Hippie Mobile that has no Power


Fuel injector nozzles replaced at 30,000 miles.

The door handles and console knobs fell off.

Seats are cheap and falling apart.

General Comments:

This car has no power. The engine stinks. It does nothing. When you floor it, the car does nothing. The car slowly moves up to its top speed of 60 MPH. When you follow people so where when there in a better car, which is everything, but a Metro, you get burned. The car takes 5 minutes to get up to 60 MPH. You also can't go up hills. The little engine doesn't do anything to this car. The engine slow drags it up the hill as you hold up traffic because it goes so slow. The car doesn't move on the highway and it feels like it's going to tip over. The engine might save gas, but it takes 3 times as long to get to the place you want to go. The car is also the ugliest car I've every seen. The car looks small and fragile and it also gets made fun of. When you drive the car you need a lot of self-confidence or you'll break down because everyone will make fun of you for driving the Metro. I think this line for the Simpsons sums it up the best. Maudie says,"Step on it Neddy!" Ned complains,"I can't it's a Geo!"

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Review Date: 15th April, 2002

24th Jan 2004, 19:25

I purchased my '97 Geo with 145000 miles on it. I have had it now for about 5 months and have put another 5000 miles on it. I have the 1 Liter, 3 cylinder, five speed model.

As far as keeping up with traffic, I don't have to take a back seat to anyone. As to slowing down going up hills, yes it does, but that is what the transmission is for. If it slows down, down shift. The car is good to about 50 MPH in third gear.

I live in Arkansas in the Ouachita Mountains, so I am very familiar with going up and down hills. We also have a mini van which stays home most of the time. Our transportation of choice is the Geo. If the car had cruise control I would take it on long trips and get 2 1/2 times more gas mileage than I do with the van.

20th Mar 2004, 23:20

What is a V3? You don't even know what the engine you're complaining about is! Your car is and I3 as in inline 3 cylinder. And, yes, I do agree that they suck. The three cylinders have little more power that a starter on a half-ton truck. Find a Metro with a 1.3 inline 4 cylinder and a manual transaxle if you want to be able to climb hills.

1997 Geo Metro LSi from North America


Good for about 100k miles


Valve needed replacing twice. Once at 39k and again at 95k.

Internal A/C fan switch broken at 45k.

Rear wheel bearing on passenger side at 105k.

Now, engine is knocking from inside the block. - head checked out fine. Will need replaced very soon! 115k.

General Comments:

Was a pretty good car up to 115k.

The cost for non-routine repairs was actually under $500 until now.

Where can I get a replacement engine or engine rebuild parts?

Email me if you know to: david@wdsrc.com.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2002

26th Jan 2002, 17:47

I am the proud owner of six Metro's {till I can get more}. Two of them were purchased from a newspaper man.

He said they each have 298 to 300 thousand miles on them and were running poorly, so he parked them and purchased a newer 1992 model. The engines are an engineering marvel in their simplicity and minimal number of parts. I am driving a 1992 Geo, which I bought with only 145 thousand miles on it. I put a 100 dollar crankshaft from the salvage yard in it.

A set of rings, bearings, and hand lapped 3 new exhaust valves with new springs/and keepers. Totaling Appx. 400 dollars.

I drive it 82 miles per hour commuting to work 45 miles each way every day (I live in the middle of nowhere). I now have 197 thousand miles miles on it and today I replaced the timing belt and front seals (they finally make a speedy sleeve for the front seal surfaces!!!). I am trying to figure out why I am only getting 52 miles per gallon (I used to get 57). The reason I have so many Geo's is because it is cheaper to buy a parts car than buying parts. These cars are expensive to work on because no one is repairing them (same reason it costs twice as much to rebuild a 454 Chevy compared to a 350 Chevy). That's all I have to say about that.

Jim, The Geo Man...