20th Jun 2001, 13:55

Why are you worried about the top speed. The highest speed limit I know of is 75MPH. Besides, I got racy one day and got it up to 90MPH on flat road. Like my Dad says, When someone asks him how fast it goes, he says it depends on how steep the hill is. Ha Ha Ha, I like that one.

9th Jul 2001, 11:42

Could you by any chance inform the Ohio State Police of this weak car, they clocked me and my little 3 cylinder at above 90mph when I was in a rush to get to my destination because of illness. Further more, when renting a car I suggest you don't go economy when your tastes are Cadillac style. Personally I think the Metro is perfect for middle class to poverty stricken people. I would purchase a Metro again if this one ever fails me, maybe in Year 2010. If you all remember the 71 Dodge Dart and its will to live, that is the Metro, you just can't kill one.

25th Oct 2001, 13:18

You just rented a cheap and over worked Metro. Not all are like the one you drove. For instance mine is an 89 with a five speed on it, will do over 120MPH.

26th Nov 2001, 17:21

I raced 97' Geo at the drag strip in the D.O.T class and got 3rd place! It does a 12.70 in a 1/8th of a mile, at 50 mph, not bad for a 1.3 liter.

5th Nov 2002, 06:56

As a Brit, the typical American reaction to small engines does make me laugh. Here in the UK, most cars are 2 litres and under, and there are plenty of 1300 cc and less. Sure, we have 4.0 Jaguars and 6.0 Mercedes and things, but 15-20 mpg and the equivalent of $5/gallon fuel prices are not a nice combination.

You guys should check out some of the stuff on the market in the UK - 2.0 engines knocking out upwards of 400 horsepower and similar lb/ft of torque. Might not sound as good your average V8 but as the old saying goes "race ya!"

4th Dec 2002, 05:32

I own an 98' Metro and for $8,400.00 it has been a great car. It does what it was intended to do. This is an economy car people, don't try to make it more than that. As far as some of the top speeds mentioned... please people, let's be honest and realistic. I drive 120 miles round trip to my job and can't think of a better car to do so in.

8th Feb 2003, 23:15

I have a 97' automatic Geo Metro LSI. Mine is a 4 cylinder and that little thing can book if you want it to. It's almost like driving a high powered Go-kart. I love the gas mileage it has and I love it's ability to take corners at high speeds. Anyway I think it is the perfect little car for someones first car or someone who can't afford much more than $8,000.

12th Sep 2003, 21:29

I own a '91 metro with 175,000 miles on it, and it still runs like new. You can't ask for a better vehicle than the metro, in terms of fuel consumption and endurance. Geo's have always kind of had a reputation for being wimpy and small, but when people tell me that, I just say that I can get 50 miles to the gallon and they shut up.

17th Apr 2004, 00:16

About the power steering, I had a 95 Ford Aspire without P/S and I'm looking at a Geo now since it also doesn't have P/S (plus the great gas mileage). It's great when you have a manual, because in case if you stall your steering will still work. I stalled a 1985 Pontiac 6000 (one of those boxy 80's GM road-boats) one time down hill (don't ask, since it's an automatic tranny), and the steering went out (along with the brakes)...that's kinda scary. I stalled my Aspire a few times by accident and my steering wheel turned just fine. With such a tiny car like the Metro or my Aspire, you don't need the power steering anyway.