2nd Oct 2001, 21:01

I have had the same problem with my gas mileage. I have changed the plugs and wires, but the gas still sucks!

10th Mar 2003, 03:24

I work for Auto Zone and also have a 95 Geo.

You should take it to them, and they can check it for free. The way it sounds you may have a bad oxygen sensor. Also check the air filter, as it can do the same thing.

27th Mar 2003, 20:08

I'm having the same problem with my 1995 Geo Metro. Back in January when it was freezing outside, the engine light came on, and I took it to BP. They did a diagnostic check, and said it was the EGR valve. Wanted to charge me $400. They ordered the part, and I was supposed to go back. Next day the light goes out. Had it checked someplace else a couple days later for a diagnostic, and they couldn't find anything wrong at all.

Since then, the light comes on for a day or so, then goes out. The car is running the same, only the gas mileage is nowhere near it used to be. My car has 145,000 miles. It's the best car I've ever owned for daily driving.

6th Jun 2003, 08:51

I bought my 95 Geo Metro new for 8 grand. It's at 122K miles. The check engine light has been on for two years (I'll take it to Auto Zone today). When it was 7 years old things started going wrong. I needed a new exhaust bit by bit, calipers and rotors. Last year the left mount for the rear sway bar had to be rebuilt. This year the right mount had to be welded and the runner panels underneath required patching (we're up north). The engine oil now leaks and I can't shift into 1st gear unless I'm at a dead stop. Since 2001 I've put 1 grand into it (not counting twice replaced tires). It runs GREAT, but is NOT comfortable and the engine has always 'ticked' a little, especially when the oil is low or needs changing (every 3K miles). I've been told it costs about 1 grand per year to run a well maintained car. I'll drive it to the death, which I hope is several years from now. My next new car will be a Honda.

2nd Dec 2003, 11:58

I have a 93 Geo Metro (Green). I have rolled the odometer on it two times. I drive the tires off that poor little car.

I have noticed that over the past three years though - buying parts for it is getting exceedingly expensive and difficult. Many parts I have to go to the dealer for - EGR valves that cost 72 bucks etc.

It's a great car with a lot of heart and runs forever on very little care and very little gas.

What I really don't like about it is how uncomfortable the seats are. Other than that it runs quietly and is plenty roomy considering the size of the car. I constantly amaze people with how much I can pack into that little thing.

I am going to miss it when it's gone.

3rd Mar 2004, 13:59

I have a 1990 Geo Metro LSi, for over five years now. And it is still going strong. I have added an MSD Ignition coil to it, now am passing people on the freeway. I recently did a head job. I shaved the head 0.030, Polished the combustion chamber by wet sanding with 1500 sand paper, and had a valve and seat job. The head work was less than $200. I also have a Magna Flow Catalytic converter and 1 3/4 pipping. But, I need and EGR Valve which cost $129.95 and I was wondering if anyone has seen one for less? Like I said before I'm passing people on the freeway, instead of having 54 horsepower. I now have 62 Horsepower, and its turning heads. I can now a Honda Civic DX, with my 1.0L.

2nd Jan 2006, 11:14

I own a 95 Geo Metro and it is the best little car for me. I'm in high school. The only real problem I have is my electrical system. One of my headlights is dimmer than the other and turning on m brights does all of nothing. Also the switches on my A/C will only work on the highest setting. The mechanic said I have to take it to the dealership to get it fixed because no one has the schematics on it. I don't know if there even is any anymore.

21st Nov 2006, 00:42

I bought a 1995 Geo Metro last year for 1600 bucks, with 11,000 miles on it. so far I've put 5,000 miles on it. it has run great so far, the gas mileage has saved my life, since I am but a poor student. I've only had to replace the exhaust for 200 bucks. I might have to replace the tires pretty soon, but other than that, I love that puppy. its the best car in the world. I hope it never breaks.

21st Dec 2006, 15:21

The problem with Geo 1.0L is the EGR valve gets plugged with carbon. This will do a lot of things to the engine. The gas mileage goes down first then the check engine light will come on and when you check the diagnostic codes it's the EGR valve. If you continue to drive it it will burn the exhaust valves, if you replace or clean it (soak in gunk) and power wash it it won't cost a dime. The EGR is the only real fault with the 3cyl 1.0 eng. The problem or first clue is the mileage drop that means the EGR is plugging up, but, not completely clogged yet THAT'S when you make the repair don't burn up the exhaust valves waiting for the "check engine" light to come on. Stay ahead of it and it will last and last...

31st Jul 2007, 15:25

1.0 L EGR Valve System?

Why does the 1.0 Liter, 3 cylinder Geo Metro engine have an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, when there does not appear to be any tube, pipe or hose, from the exhaust system connected to the EGR valve or intake manifold.

I have looked under the hood and in the official Geo Shop manual, which I ordered, on Ebay.

From all of these posts, it does appear that the EGR valve system is crucial to avoiding burnt exhaust valves.

For owners suffering excessive engine oil leakage:

I used Restore engine treatment, which seemed to increase engine power and reduce oil leakage, from rear main seal. Oil leakage is probably less than a third, after Restore engine treatment. Also I cut a rubber gasket, for engine oil fill cap, which has stopped oil vapor from leaking past oil filler plug.

My 5 door Metro gets about 41 mpg and can do 75 mph, on relatively flat highways.


4th Aug 2007, 11:51

EGR valve was mostly clogged, with powdery carbon. Scraped and washed most of it out of valve, with penetrating oil. EGR modulator valve appears to be clogged.

Still do not understand how intake manifold can circulate sooty exhaust gas, but it obviously does.

Will probably replace EGR modulator valve.


28th Apr 2008, 17:58

I have a 93 Geo Metro Hatchback, and it seems to be using more oil. It has 174,000 on it. I figured if it lasted 6 months at the price of $550, with 38+ mpg (automatic) it would pay for itself in gas not purchased. What type of oil works best in this engine? I'm thinking at oil change time I put in the wrong viscosity or something. I put in 5/30. What else do I need to know? Thanks.

Also, I replaced the driver's side front wheel bearing. Should I get it aligned? My mechanic said if it were his, he wouldn't.???

1 more thing: It's leaking oil by the timing belt seal. Is it a nasty job to fix that?


4th Oct 2008, 13:08

Owner of a 96 base metro 2dr HB 1.0L:

Noticed the fan speed control switch in these cars gets dodgy over time. The switch body tends to separate and leave you with HI fan only. I found that a plastic wire tie (zip tie) wrapped around the switch body usually fixes the problem. You can access the area behind the panel by removing the glove-box. You have to play around to find the right spot for it to work successfully.

Also if you notice the upper and lower radiator mount bars are rusting out badly, make sure you check the rest of the body as the sub-frame could fail (as it did for me, thankfully at a stop sign and not on the highway). Any reinforcement you can add to the body is probably a good thing. It's a cheap fairly durable car if taken care of.

12th Nov 2014, 17:07

eBay & Rock Auto... parts are dirt cheap. I can do a complete engine overhaul for $150. You've just got to know where to look.