25th Jan 2006, 13:18

I have a red 1990 Geo Prizm and I love it. I bought it for $500, but I have put about $4,000 worth of work into it. It needs to be fixed or something is wrong with it a lot. I get the oil changed regularly and it has great gas mileage. Even though it can be a pain sometimes because something is always wrong with it, it's a great car and for the most part runs great.

25th Jan 2006, 20:25

So let me get this straight, you invested $4,000 into a car that is worth $250 in running condition? That is absolutely crazy and people called me nuts for investing over $1,000 into my 1993 Ford Festiva which is now no longer owned by me, Thank God.

For $4,000 you could have bought a 1999 Toyota Corolla with relatively low mileage and you wouldn't have had to invest a dime into it. Whoever charged you $4,000 to repair your 16 year old Geo Prizm should be taken to court and sued for $4,000, especially if things are still going wrong with it.

I feel sorry for you and please consider this as constructive criticism. I would have sold you my 1990 Geo Prizm for $350 and there is nothing serious wrong with it.

9th May 2007, 17:55

I bought a red 90 Geo Prizm with 69,000 miles-69 on it for $900 69k!!! A/C works, but the drivers window is broken and that lock doesn't work. It can drive from GA to Upstate New York, it's the perfect little car!

6th Jan 2008, 22:11

Lets see. my mom bought my red 1990 geo prizm back in 1995 and drove it forever it seemed, then it was given to me at about 159,000 miles, I put an exhaust system on it and an alternator since. Just recently did my transmission seem to be going out and it is now on mile 193,000. I think that the two long trips that we took in the past 2 weeks are the problem for the tranny going out, still it could be a minor problem, but we just found a great transmission for 250 and are going to put it in. this car has never failed me and starts no matter what, even in the coldest of days, GREAT on gas, GREAT acceleration. even my boyfriend who is 6'5 drives it, even though it is made for a smaller person, the handles did break and of course the headliner sagged, we tore it off and made our own. Slight rust on the body, but it has never been garage kept, the passenger side armrest came off on one side, but that is fixable. All around, probably the most dependable car I have owned and would definitely buy another geo within the years of this model!