1990 Geo Prizm Standard Model 4 cylinder standard from North America


A great little car for the money


Seat Belts are difficult to roll up when undone.

Leaks a tiny amount of brake fluid.

Blue paint is pealing off of trunk and the roof. It could stand a new paint job soon.

Needs a little patience starting when temp goes below freezing, but it always starts!

General Comments:

This was a find of a lifetime. A retiree was moving into a nursing home and could own no assets. For $1100 I purchased a 14 year old one owner car with less than 50,000 miles. Everyday I drive this car, I wonder why people have car payments. It always starts and runs smooth. Good heater and A/C after all these years. For a small car it has plenty of pep, though it isn't a "sports car" by any stretch. The 3 speed automatic could use an over drive gear on the highway. At 65 mph the ride is comfortable, but above that the engine sounds like I'm pushing it too hard.

I'm a fairly big guy, but the driver's seat is comfortable if I push it all the way back. This works as long as no one is sitting in the back seat.

Mileage with the automatic is 27 mpg around town; I was hoping for a little more with the price of gas these days. I haven't had a road trip to measure highway mileage.

Everything works like it is supposed to. The original owner maintained it fairly well, so I am enjoying the benefit of all those years of upkeep. It is a 15 year old car, but I plan to run it as long as I don't have to put any major money into it.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2004

27th Jan 2005, 10:31

How you find out the model of Geo Prizm. I recently got a 1990 prizm and want to know if it's a LSi or GSi.


20th Feb 2008, 09:53

I bought my 1990 Geo Prizm, NEW, in June of 1989. It is now February 20, 2008 and I am still driving this car. I get 25-30 MPG in the city and on a trip, I still get 42 to 45 mpg. There is 209,468 miles on it and it is still running like a champ. I have never had to have any major repairs done on it, other than routine maintenance. It is a 4 door with a 5 speed transmission. It is INDEED the BEST car I have ever owned.

1990 Geo Prizm from North America


Very remarkable vehicle, with it's dependability, low maintenance, fuel mileage, and drive-ability


The headliner has sagged.

The interior door handles have broken.

The windows don't crank up evenly and tight against seals, letting in draft and air noise.

General Comments:

This vehicle has been overall very dependable, economical, and by far the best vehicle purchase that I could ever have imagined.

At 313000 miles, it is an extremely incredible running, handling and good looking car.

The service was religiously performed every 3000 miles.

Timing belt was replaced every 60000 miles.

Car still on original struts and are still going strong.

Transmission has never been serviced, nor babied. Still pulls like a mule.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2004

19th Jan 2006, 03:38

I bought a 1990 Geo Prizm recently for $97. It has 202,738 miles on the Odometer and the engine starts on first try every time! The Heat and A/C no longer works in this car, I'm not sure when that decided to go. The Speedometer Cable has to be replaced. The Brakes need to be replaced within the next month. The Headliner is sagging big time. The Inside Door Handle on the Drivers Side Door broke. The lever to release the Gas Door is broken. You can't lock any of the doors in the car because the locks don't work. There is not a lot of rust on this car, I have seen Geo Prizms from 1990 in worse shape. I plan on keeping my Geo for a while, I am impressed with the Toyota engine and how well it held up even after over 200,000 miles. I don't have leaks of any kind and the car runs very quiet.