1990 Geo Prizm LSI 1.6 from North America




Dumper Pulley and alternator had to be replaced. Driver side window went off track. The cloth ceiling is coming down. I had to replace the interior door handle.

General Comments:

My previous car gave me all kinds of trouble, so I was determined to find something reliable. My search led me to my Blueberry Blue 1990 Geo Prizm LSI. It was love at first sight. The paint had a glossy finish and the mechanicals checked out. Three years later, the paint still retains its glossy finish and any concerns of reliability, evaporated after completing several long distance drives including one over 300 miles each way. Although I'm very satisfied with this car, it does fall short on comfort and room. This nagging short coming may influence me to sell it and purchase something bigger. This saddens me, because its style is better then its Toyota twin and holds its own when compared to some of the vehicles on the road today. My only other complaint relates to the annoyingly small repairs made, but putting it in perspective, it sure beats my other car in cost efficiency.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2005

1990 Geo Prizm LSI from North America


Great little ZIPPY car!!


Headliner dropped

Thermostat X 2

Engine gasket

Paint is failing on hood and trunk and around the base

Many tires replaced as it seems the cars tight turn radius and sitting low to the ground wears out tires easily according to the tire store.

Recently the fuel pump has gone out as it has been sitting idle for a long time.

General Comments:

I once owned a 78 Datsun B210 that I drove similar to this car. It has been tested through back roads, city traffic on a daily basis, and long distance hauls. Both of these cars have set the standard for all others to follow. Low gas mileage (B210 was better) with a engine that just didn't want to stop no matter how you maintained it. A tough exterior and a reliable car. This was my first new car and after 15 years we're still together. If you get one be sure to maintain it (I got sloppy in the last few years) and it may never quit.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2005

1990 Geo Prizm 1.6 DOHC 16v from North America


Cheap and average, easy to maintain


Timing Belt

Window handle broken

Bad window and trunk seals

CV Joint

Accessory Belt snapped

Water Pump


Exhaust (twice)

Dash lights

Rear brake cylinder blew.

General Comments:

Most of the things that have gone wrong were due to poor maintenance. My sister owned the car before I did. Right when she got the car the timing belt broke, and the exhaust was rattling. She never checked the coolant levels which caused the water pump to seize in winter, gummed up the thermostat and destroyed the accessory belt.

The Brake cylinder and the CV Joint were probably overdue for a change as all my brakes are bad and the other CV Joint had already been replaced before my sister got the car.

The exhaust became loud about the same time the brake blew, just after I got the CV Joint replaced.

The seals have been bad on the car before my sister even owned it.

The windows do not operate the best, but they do work, the handle was broken trying to get the window to close all the way.

The dash lights do not work all the time (just the thermostat controls and the cigarette lighter trim) most likely from me removing the dash board so many times to install stereo equipment.

All in all it may seem like a lot has gone wrong, but it was very cheap to fix and most of it can be done at home. Also some preventive maintenance helps a lot.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2005

4th Feb 2005, 04:23

Maybe your Prizm is "cheap and average". But I assure you that the Geo Prizm was and is an above average subcompact, and was far better than any other small car GM has sold.

7th Aug 2006, 11:10

I own a 1990 (bought in 1990) Geo Prizm 4-dr sdn basic with SOHC, MFI 4AFE AE92 engine. Had timing belt changed at 55k and 80K miles (engine is removed for this). Water pump requires engine removal, too. Replaced door handle assemblies on all four doors, heat/air conditioner dash control quit, and a dozen other bothersome problems. At 100k it became a real dog. Great for up to 75k miles, after that junk it.