2005 GMC Canyon SLE 2.8 inline 4 from North America


Good tough little truck that impresses me everyday


Tire's wearing very fast for only having 8 months on them.

Put factory chrome step bars on and now when you turn hard they make a rubbing sound every once in a while.

Everything else is running great.

General Comments:

2.8 liter has a impressive response when you step on the gas pedal unlike other small trucks I have driven.

Rides great, very stable and smooth took me by suprise, no rattles or noise.

Seems very well designed inside and out.

Could have put better tires on the truck.

Doors tend to be hard to close at times.

Over all it's a nice truck for the money.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2005

2005 GMC Canyon SLE Vortec 2.8 4-Cylinder from North America


GM got it right this time


Steering alignment was off when I first got it (pulled to the left), fixed at dealer cost with no charge. The upper driver's door speaker in six-speaker stereo is starting to fuzz a bit, but not enough for a warranty replacement. Brake pedal has developed a clicking/squashing noise. Dealer refuses to fix, states it's normal (it definitely isn't).

General Comments:

I have the extended cab SLE model Z85.

Good points:

Outside door handles are finally done right. Easy to grab, easy to open.

Headlights are nothing short of superb, they light up the night like nobody's business. Switching to better bulbs is NOT necessary compared to most other vehicles. Additionally, you can easily turn the headlights OFF if you want to, meaning you are not subject to having forced daytime running lights.

Cargo light is nice and bright also.

Motor is surprisingly fast for a 4-cylinder. It definitely gets up and goes.

Transmission is smooth. GM finally got a transmission in a truck that isn't clunky - at all.

Starts up on a dime, every time.

Gauge pod extremely easy to read, even when the sun is directly hitting it.

Side mirrors allow you to see just about everything. Blind spots are very small.

The fact that the extended cab doors open from BOTH sides is very, very slick. I use them often.

The jump seats can actually hold full size adults - they fold forward instead of to the side. Nice.

Seats are great for your back. Good for the long haul.

Engine temperate stays -exactly- where it's supposed to, even on the hottest days or coldest nights. Well done motor.

Dash is made of better-than-average nice hard plastic. You will never see a sun-cracked Canyon dashboard, I guarantee you that.

Cup holders are great. Holds beverages both large and small without spilling.

4x4 system works flawlessly. 4LO ("granny low") also creeps very well.

This is not a compact truck by any means. You sit high, there's lots of room on the inside, and the ground clearance is great.

Weight distribution feels better than the previous model GMC Sonoma. It still rolls to the side when you turn, but not as much.

Doors close with a nice -thud- with no bonging noises.

Built-in toolboxes floor a nice touch in the extended cab model.

Gas mileage got increasingly better the more I drove it. I can easily get 450+ miles to the tank (19 gallon tank) - and I haven't run it bone dry yet. I'd estimate the truck gets around 23 to 25mpg on the highway - which is stellar for any pickup, especially one that's an auto with a 4x4 underneath.

Bad points:

Tires that came with it are garbage, which makes ride quality suffer. They're made by General and came stock with the vehicle. As soon as they wear out I'm switching to Kumho's or Yokohama's. Wear is good, ride quality from them is terrible. Better rubber would improve the ride significantly.

Cruise control seems to overcompensate when going uphill. If you set your cruise at 65mph, then hit a hill, it will slow down, speed up to almost 70mph, then back down to 65mph. I'm 99% sure this is because it's a 4-cyl and not necessarily a mechanical fault. Probably just needs minor computer adjustment.

Exhaust vibrates the whole truck slightly at idle in or out of gear. It's not annoying, but I notice it. Dealer says it's normal (it isn't). Better muffler would probably fix this, which is on my to-do list.

Overall: Satisfied. My complaints are nit-picks at best. I had to think hard to complain about anything. Were I to buy another one however, I would go with the 5-cylinder.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2005

19th Aug 2005, 20:31

Aren't GM trucks just wonderful?


28th Nov 2005, 15:43

Thanks for the thorough review. I am considering getting one myself. I think this truck looks great especially ext cab version.

I see a lot of them on the road lately. The must be selling well.

13th Jan 2006, 12:31

Good review. I have an 05 Canyon Z71 SLE ext. cab, and I agree that the tires installed from the factory are of inferior quality. As soon as they wear out, I will be replacing them with something of better, either Bridgestone of Michelin.

My Canyon is equipped with the 5 cylinder engine, and I am amazed with how smoothly it delivers its power. It gets respectable gas mileage for a 4wd with an automatic transmission at 22 MPG. This truck is a keeper!