29th Feb 2012, 12:15

I not only believe this review... I have lived it!

7th Apr 2013, 01:32

My 2006 GMC Canyon will be running for years, after your Tacoma has been sent to a crusher with a rusted out frame.

1st Jun 2014, 12:16

A GM product outlasting a Toyota? Unlikely in the extreme.

4th Jun 2014, 04:33

I still see many 70's and 80's G.M. cars and trucks on the road, and virtually no Toyota's from that era. Your statement is invalid.

17th Jul 2014, 22:12

I have a 2010 GMC Acadia that has nothing but expensive breakdowns.

O2 sensors.

Finish on bumper.

Recalls on air bags.

Temporary "recall" on headlight wiring (designed so thoughtfully that you have to remove a tire and drop the wheel well cover JUST TO CHANGE a headlight!).

Timing chains failed at 109K, but the dealer said 30+ in a town of 6300 people have failed under 100K, still in warranty.

The steering rack has failed twice.

The power steering pump failed.

2 of 6 HVAC actuators have failed.

The A/C Freon "evaporated" from the system at 93K (GM thinks I'm stupid enough to fall for that).

The rear axle hub failed, and now my backup sensors work intermittently.

Oh, there is a special policy on the water pump for possible seal failure. Even though I smell antifreeze and add regularly, the dealer says there is no leak at the water pump.

All this from a vehicle that listed for $48K. There's a Toyota Highlander in my future... No Room for Boring!

21st Jul 2014, 00:39

I went with a full size GM with just the 6 in 2004. A new Silverado then with only auto, air, full size bed model. Just a 2WD, but has a full solid frame. Otherwise known as the work truck. Simple and no issues other than tires and brakes. Switched to Mobil 1. A full size truck has far more utility. The air conditioning in mine is almost frigid with the standard cab. Great truck.

Did someone say Highlander on here? On a truck review it seems odd to even compare an SUV.