8th Jul 2008, 19:23

I purchased a 2006 leftover GMC 2wd reg cab I-4 in June of last year (2007) because of the 0% financing they offered.

This truck has a vibration in it from the day I bought it. They have replaced the tires on it 5 times, road forced 3 sets of them and now I have Michelins on the truck (they decided the generals were not great).

They have put a whole new rear end in the truck, thinking something may be causing it there. They now say the vibration is, and I quote, "commercially acceptable". Great resolution, can't solve the problem so make an excuse.

I tried arbitration through the state, but the 70+ year old 5 man jury thought the truck "ran rather nicely". So I still have this fine American automobile.

The other problem is the brakes. This has had a lurching in the brakes along with a soft pedal from day 1. They assured me this would be resolved. Needless to say it has not. It's like a pulsating, only it doesn't do it from side to side, it is a forward/backward pulsating. Like the drums are out of round or the shoes are off center. I have had the drums turned, adjusters replaced, and the latest thing they tell me is clean and adjust will cure the problem. Well it didn't cure the problem when they did the same exact thing 6,000 miles ago, so why is it going to help now? Oh, I know, because now it's a maintenance issue and they want to charge me for it.

What a pile... I dream of a moose walking out in front of me on the way from from work at nights, that would total it for sure. I have the gap insurance, good thing too because when I went to see about trading it at the other guys shop, they wanted to give me 7,500 for it. I only owe 15,500.00 on it, ouch.

Customer service for GM is useless as well, you might as well talk to an ashtray, because they told me they have to side with the GM techs and that's what they are there for.

You wonder why Toyota outsells you GM; read some of these stories. Try spending your money on QC instead of spending it on trying to think of a catchy name for a new car.

Look at BMW. Fancy names there... all their cars are numbers, Mazda as well.

30th Jul 2008, 07:49

Have an 04 canyon,28K miles. Works great.Except the front differential seals leaking. Will take in for repair. Have extended warranty,$100 deductable. Should take care of the rest. Other than that we like everything about it. Handles very good on ice in 4wheel. 22 miles per gal. I have the 5 cyl, no problems .Extended cab is very handy. Fold down seats great for small riders. I at this time would rate it at 9.

8th Oct 2008, 00:22

I just purchased a 2008 Canyon Crew Cab I5 last week. It had 25 miles when I bought it, and now it has 300 miles.

When I make turns, I hear clunking sounds, and I hear squeaking from the driver's side.

Also when I press the brake, I hear a loud knocking sound. Anyone know if this is normal?

29th Nov 2008, 14:48

2006 Canyon with 68k miles. Had a check engine light and hearing some knocking noises. Took it in and they said it has a cracked head. They said it is a known issue with the Canyons and I think they are covering it without even using my $200 warranty co-pay.

29th Mar 2009, 11:55

I bought a 2007 GMC Canyon April 2008. I have had the brakes totally redone 5 times. It has a pulsing when you brake and a squealing just before it stops. They told me that they wouldn't cover me any more. This truck has only 33k on it! Every 5000k it needs new brakes. I am not a brake rider and this truck is used to push a Pilot Car sign. I have never had this problem with any truck I have owned doing the exact same job for the past 17 years (the soonest was 87k). When I bought the truck the dealership told me that it would be the" perfect truck for the application". Now they tell me I bought the "wrong truck for the application". They have now agreed to replace the brakes for the 6th and last time... at 33000k! I have never been so mad or frustrated. Too bad I still owe for 4 years!

13th Jan 2010, 13:40

I have an '05 Canyon. I LOVE it. Have had a couple of problems with it starting, and now with a check engine light, but it's 5 years old now so it's to be expected. Keep in mind that most people posting things like this are having issues, so the comments are going to be pretty bad. They say that someone that's mad about something will tell 15 people, while someone that is happy will tell 2.

16th Feb 2010, 13:55

I bought a 2005 4x4 extended cab new. A piece of junk to say the least.

Alignment issues put it in the shop for weeks on 3 separate occasions, and wore the tires out in 9,000 miles. GM paid for the first set of tires, I paid for the second.

Valves bad making ticking noise. Bad lifters were replaced and???

Every time I had it in the shop, got another couple of dings in the paint and body; yes they treat it like their own don't they.

Idle vibration, which to this day is still not fixed.

It has a hard downshift at 40 MPH and a little over. If I try to pass at this speed, it will slam into 1st gear (Automatic) and the engine will sound like a two stroke weed-whacker. I'm hoping it will blow up and catch fire.

Every time I get out of it I get the SH#@ shocked out of me, EVERY TIME!!! Every time I get in it, I cuss it, and every time I get out of it I cuss it.

The air conditioner makes an annoying whistling sound, I find myself counting seconds between them.

The CD quit working a month after I bought it, but had so many other problems I couldn't even want to bring it up.

GM felt sorry and gave me an extended warranty. After this, I receive a letter in the mail that the valve guides could fail at any time.

Stuck with this piece of junk, and wouldn't take it back to the dealer again unless it completely quits running.

Oh, the headlights fill up with water every time I go through the car wash, have to pull the bulbs out and blow the inside dry with the wife's hair dryer.

Front discs are shot, and no one seems to know how to replace them, even GM dealer, google it sometime.

I could go on, but I'm gonna go kick my truck and cuss at it instead. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE PIECES OF JUNK!!! Oh and my drivers seat had padding bunching up under the cover like someone else noted, looks like C#$@.

2nd Aug 2010, 02:50

I owned a 2003 Chevy Venture and experienced many of the same problems that I have read on these comments. I traded that in for a 2009 Acadia because that's what the wife wanted. Thankfully no problems yet.

So now I am looking for a pickup. I am considering a Canyon. Thank you all for snapping me out of this dream and bringing me back to reality.

Someone posted earlier that someone with a bad experience will tell 15 people, and someone with a good experience will tell two. May I suggest he go read the Nissan Frontier owner reviews. There are twice as many as this, and I only found one dissatisfied owner. So I will buy a Frontier. GM's problems run across all their products. I wanted to burn my Venture two weeks after buying it.

Thanks again.