2002 GMC Envoy from North America


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This 2002 GMC Envoy (blue) with just less than 150,000 miles and 270-horse power has several features which drivers of all ages would find appealing. This vehicle includes 5 available seats, 2 front heated seats, an automatic transmission, and a 6-cylinder engine that offers a quiet and comfortable ride. The dash interior comes with a stock CD changer, two power outlets, no sunroof included in the specific model, but does come included with power-adjustable seats.


I have no problem giving this vehicle five stars out of five stars. This early 2000s model gives back seat riders a great amount of legroom, and is a wonderful vehicle to take the whole family in on long car rides. In between the two front seats there’s two cup holders. The back seat also includes two pull down cup holders that will hold any size cup or drink.

I purchased this SUV with just over 100,000 miles on it and I’ve never purchased a more reliable vehicle. This vehicle has never been in an accident and does have two dents in the rear trunk door; otherwise there is no cosmetic damage. The SUV comes with a ball and hitch and is very good for towing. When not towing, this vehicle will get around 22 miles to the gallon. When towing, depending on the size of your load, the vehicle can get anywhere from 13 to 18 miles per gallon. The four-wheel drive comes in very handy if you live in an area where it snows in the winter, and even without the four-wheel drive on, it does pretty well in snow. The size of this vehicle is smaller than your standard pickup truck, yet is big enough to haul a trailer or small family with room to spare. The back seats fold down to allow the entire trunk to become open, which you can use to transport numerous items that wouldn’t fit otherwise.

Many consumers worry that the SUV is a 6 cylinder and not a V-8. In my opinion, the 6 cylinder has enough power, and as a result, produces an extremely smooth ride. The main console is a bit undersized, but the vehicle has no other major inconveniences. Although this model was discontinued in 2009, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another one with less mileage on it.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2016

2002 GMC Envoy SLT 4.2 6 cylinder from North America


I would buy another if available new


Intermittent problem. The vehicle will start losing power while driving. The engine does "not" stall, but the mpg's drop from 18-19 to 6-9. It's almost like driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. If I take my foot off the gas, the vehicle starts slowing like I was braking. From a stop, it struggles to increase speed, sometimes knocks a little, strains, but does eventually shift gears, though not to OD. Again, like driving with a foot on the brake.

Tranny checked okay, plugs changed, throttle body cleaned and fuel filter changed. Mechanic said trial and error, since there are no service engine lights or codes on the computer. Trial and error suggesting a new throttle body or fuel pump. However, shifting into neutral, the engine accelerates smooth, doesn't cut out, so neither really fits, and both are very expensive.

Other than having to fix a warped exhaust manifold and gasket at 155K, in addition to normal wear items like cooling fan, front brakes, and a few things here and there, no problems.

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Very dependable, but can't seem to find anyone with a similar problem?

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Review Date: 20th May, 2011

20th May 2011, 19:40

Check the spark plug wires - the insulation breaks down eventually, and the high voltage arcs to the engine block before it reaches the plugs.

21st May 2011, 11:50

We had the same problem with our TB. One day it just quit while I was idling in a parking lot. It took a full 30 seconds of cranking and then slowly sputtered to life. After that it ran fine again. We had the same things fixed on ours, and it never seemed to fully rectify the problem. I have heard that reflashing the computer can solve this as well. We never tried that though. My wife also had it stall at intersections once in awhile, which is very dangerous. She said she'd be waiting at a light, and then go to take off when it turned green, and it would quit. Amazing she didn't get rear-ended. Also, you lose power steering and brakes immediately, so it is very hard to coast it off the side of the road. She had the same result... cranking it for a ridiculously long time, and then it eventually starts up and runs fine again. Really weird issue.

We had to quit buying these trucks just because even the GM technicians couldn't actually fix the problem. It is a very common issue if you research it. That was how I knew what to ask them about fixing when it first happened (at least some theoretical fixes!). I am not quite sure why GM continued to sell these for so many years without solving that issue, as it was potentially so dangerous. It is just a machine, after all, so something had to be causing it!