2002 GMC Envoy LX IL-6 from North America


GM will not stand behind their products and have no control over their dealers

General Comments:

I have a 2002 Envoy XL that I purchased new on 15 April 2002.

I had electrical problems from the get go.

The one problem that GM would not entertain about fixing was one of the vent valves under the dash. I blame the dealer as much as GM. The valve makes a clicking noise every time the A/C cycles on and off.

The second is the fan clutch. My engine light has not come on, but the fan really makes a lot of noise. So I unplugged the wires going to the fan, engine light still didn't come on.

I found a replacement for the fan on the net for $159.03 part no. 15293048 with no delivery fee.

I have owned GMC since 1967; I guess around 20 different trucks and SUV's, I am truly dissatisfied with GM. My next will be Japanese.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2006

31st Mar 2006, 15:20

Just another lost customer and reason GM is sliding further down the slope towards disaster. I truly hope the company turns things around, there are far too many people employed for it to go bankrupt. The 2007 Tahoe seems to be a step in the right direction.

16th Jun 2006, 23:31

Our family has owned a number of SUV's, including Toyota, Ford, and Chevy. In 2003 we bought our 2003 Envoy and it is without doubt the best SUV we've ever owned. In over 39,000 miles it has never required anything other than oil changes. It is smooth, solid, MUCH more powerful than any of our previous SUV's, and has thus far been the most dependable vehicle we have owned with the possible exception of my Dodge Omni, which went 240,000 miles with practically no repairs at all.

2002 GMC Envoy SLT 4.2 I-6 from North America


Overpriced for level of quality. There are better values out there.


No Serious issues, but the memory mirrors consistently lose their position and seem to aim wherever they feel like. I have had the mirrors reprogrammed twice and the actuators replaced once, and they are still aiming wherever they like.

Engine needed to be reprogrammed quite often to correct issues with stalling when cold and wheel turned fully in one direction.

Fan clutch needed to be replaced to prevent a "roaring engine" and lack of power when the engine was cold.

Leather seats are very cheap and prone to cracking no matter how often you clean and moisturize the leather. When the rear seat is folded forward, the seat pushes against the center console which can severely scratch the leather and leave an indentation in the seat.

The auto climate control will automatically turn the A/C on when engaged, which will kill your mileage.

Vehicle leans too much when cornering, which combined with a lack of side supports in the seats leaves you feeling like you will slide off the seat if you are going a little too fast.

General Comments:

Engine offers a good compromise between performance and mileage. Without the A/C running I get about 20 hwy 15 city and 17.5 overall. With the A/C on, this will drop to about 15 or 16 mpg overall.

The front seats are fairly comfortable except for the lack of side support. Center console is cheap and squeaks.

Onstar and Bose stereo systems limit ability to put after-market stereo equipment in.

Gets along great in the snow!

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Review Date: 5th October, 2005

29th May 2006, 23:21

Original Reviewer...

Now at 4 years and 50,000 miles. Rust is evident on the inside of the right rear door. I'm guessing this is not typical? I have never had any vehicle show signs of rust this quickly.

Also, the center console has finally torn the leather on the rear seat. This is an obvious design flaw on the 02's.

2002 GMC Envoy LX Automatic from North America


2002 GMC Envoy is a LEMON


Most recently I was left me stranded with my 2 year old son. I simply went to gas up the car and when I went to re-start guess what? It would not come on. As if that was not enough my Air Conditioner went out 3 times my cost. When it was under warranty they kept telling me it was leaves in my a/c when warranty was over I was told the truth and handed the bill. The electrical track for my seat went (1500) Window motor went out twice and now again today (1200) Many more problems with this purchase. I am very disapointed with was my first GMC and my last. GMC seems to take, but not give back to the Customer. Will never go back. Now I can't get rid of it and no dealer wants to trade with me due to all the problems.

General Comments:

Heart broken because this vehicle had everything we wanted. VERY stylish and comfortable. Feels like I am driving a car and easy for me to get around in. I am of short stature and this Vehicle fit me and also fit my VERY tall husband.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2005

2002 GMC Envoy SLE 4.2 from North America


Good vehicle, but expensive to maintain and gulps fuel


Transmission needed to be replaced at 50,000 Km.

Poor quality Michelin tires, leading to 6 punctures in various parts of the city.

Emergency brake pads cracked at 40,000 Km.

General Comments:

Vehicle generally rides quite smoothly, but wind noise at speeds above 100Km can be quite loud.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2005

2002 GMC Envoy XL from North America


Not a reliable vehicle for such a high price tag


Air Conditioner went out 3 times within first 3 months of owning vehicle. Was sent a safety recall notice of the windshield wipers not working properly and the opportunity for one to turn on at any time and cause a disturbance. The "automatic" sensor for heavy downpour on the windshield never worked from the beginning. Right at 45,000 miles the electronic ignition went out, left me stranded out of town.

General Comments:

This vehicle is very stylish and comfortable. And even drives well. Has a great turning radius for a large vehicle. But, I am extrememly dissapointed in my first GMC SUV experience. There were so many unrelated things that went wrong, I found it very unreliable. I expected more for the money.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2004

2002 GMC Envoy from North America


A delightful SUV


The only thing that has gone wrong is that the computer shut off the air conditioning due to a programming fault. It was easily fixed at the dealer.

General Comments:

The Envoy is a pleasure to drive. A very smooth ride and it feels very solid on the road.

The engine is very quiet and never overheats, even when driving in 115 degree Arizona heat.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2003