8th Jul 2012, 22:58

I'm having a lot of problems with a 2003 Envoy XL SLT that my friend bought from my Mother In law. It has 114,000 miles on it. The A/C stops cooling when you change any of the settings, other than outside vent, at 60 degrees on the thermostat. It cools fine if you like to freeze or wear a jacket in 100 degree weather outside, while you're in the SUV.

Then today, was just driving along, and the check engine light came on for no reason at all. It still drove the same for 300+ miles. I'm not a mechanic, but with all the problems that I have been reading, it sounds like the computer on these SUVs does not work properly. That's just an opinion for now, but I'm going to have one of my friends check it out.

9th Jul 2012, 21:12

The computers on these vehicles did have problems. It is very important to find a dealership that has good, computer-certified service techs. When we bought our 2003 Envoy, I was aware of the touchy computer issue, and sought out a very good dealership with highly qualified service techs, who made sure the computer was properly set before we ever drove the car off the lot. As a result, we are now at well over 100,000 miles, and have never had one single problem with this car. It has not even required a brake job yet.

As for the "check engine" light, these generally mean nothing. Ours has been on since 2006 in one of our cars and since 2010 in another. Both cars run flawlessly, and show zero problems. There has been no drop in performance or gas mileage. One codes as "EVAP system", which means nothing, and one codes as "running too cool", which is actually better for the car anyway, so I don't intend to fix it.

Some localities have been in cahoots with car service facilities to fail cars in inspections if a check engine light was on, in order to generate profits for shops and dealers. In a move toward fairness, the large city near us recently did away with this practice, because of the deluge of complaints they were getting from outraged car owners, who were being charged thousands of dollars by unscrupulous shops to turn off the lights.

30th Jan 2013, 19:54

The clutch fan is the problem.

4th Jun 2014, 16:02

I am having the same problem with my 2003 Envoy SLT; did you ever figure out what the problem was?

21st Jul 2014, 16:05

Hi, we had the very same problem with our 2004 Cadillac SRX. After some research, I removed the security fuse from the fuse box and the problem went away. Somehow the car thought it was being stolen and locked itself up. When I took out that fuse, I could actually feel the car relax. Maybe this will help you.

13th Dec 2014, 00:54

I like the Envoy (2003), it has 134,000 miles. I have replaced the alternator, battery and water pump. Now the car battery will not charge. Any ideas would be helpful.

Thank you, CH.

13th Dec 2014, 17:12

I had both codes; evap and temp too cool. Evap is the gas cap not sealing. Replaced the gas cap, and the other was a bad thermostat. Replaced both and fixed both codes.

9th Apr 2015, 13:57

I too own a 2002 GMC Envoy SLT. It has around 78k. Often the wiper gets stuck and it sometimes works well if I turn it to full (fast). Please could you let me know about the recall on the wiper motor?

11th May 2015, 21:16

Which fuse is it?

24th Jun 2015, 22:15

I have the same problem with 2003 GMC Envoy XL, and they changed all sensors and even the gauge cluster, and the light is still on; no one knows why.

16th Oct 2015, 12:40

What were the problems you were having when the O2 sensor went? I've been having stall problems, and the O2 sensor codes are coming up, among others.

19th Dec 2015, 22:33

Hello... I am currently having the same issues. My battery was replaced earlier this year. My battery symbol popped up and it gave me the reading of Battery Not Charging. I switched out the alternator, thinking it would fix the problem and it did not. What did you find out with your issue? My vehicle is a 2003 GMC Envoy XLT.

16th Apr 2016, 01:38

This seems to be a common problem with the Envoy. I have had three similar warning lights; the problem in my case was a leaky gas cap seal. Gas caps aren't cheap, but this solved my problem. For those who have a DTC reader, the code displayed in my case was 0404.

2nd May 2016, 14:14

I had the same thing happen to me a month ago. An 03 Envoy SLT. Mine was my alternator had went out and my battery was being drained; eventually it wouldn't do anything. Got the alternator fixed and battery charged; cranked right up.

2nd May 2016, 14:21

I have an 03 Envoy. I'm noticing the lag in the transmission only when I first crank it up. Sometimes it doesn't do it. Did you ever find out what was causing it?

1st Sep 2017, 02:37

My 1-5 heater control switch only works 1-4? My service engine light just came on and the vehicle is running great? Please advise? Thanks.