21st Sep 2007, 16:13

I have had numerous issues with my 2003 GMC Envoy SLT. With only 58k miles and thousands of dollars spent in repairs, I hope that anybody considering purchasing an Envoy will reconsider.

3rd Oct 2007, 13:11

To comment 14:49: Hang onto the Envoy, but have a competent service department check the computer.

Early (mostly a handful of 2002 models) had minor computer glitches that caused some bizarre problems. Literally everything on the Envoy is controlled by the computer, even the memory mirror and seat settings.

Our 2003 Envoy is at almost 60,000 miles now and has never had a single problem. We love it and my wife plans to buy another one when this one hits 200,000-250,000 miles. It runs, drives and feels exactly the same as it did the day we took delivery of it, and it is by far the best SUV we have ever owned or driven.

We test drove a number of SUV's before settling on the Envoy. It was unsurpassed in power, smoothness and comfort. We have not been disappointed.

9th Oct 2007, 18:26

Bought a 2003 Envoy SLE that was traded in after lease (42K Mi.) Who ever had it took very good care of it. I do have a clicking noise from the fan belt area when in idle - and just today discovered that the blower motor won't work on high, all other speeds work OK.

Is the blower speed something I can fix - or is this a dealer issue?

I really do love the way this vehicle performs. Comfort is outstanding. Great for long trips.

10th Oct 2007, 13:11

I have an 2003 Envoy XL with a "check engine light". Took it to the mechanic yesterday as it is out warranty and the fuel tank is cracked. Read somewhere on the Internet this is a recall issue so I called the dealership and they said has not been recalled. So I had the mechanic go ahead with the $900 plus repair. Just wondering after reading this site if the dealer was correct in telling me it was not a recall issue and if so do I have any recourse?

21st Oct 2007, 14:01

I have an '03 Envoy SLT with the Inline 6 engine. 39,493 miles on it, has run like a champ since I purchased it used with 30,000 miles on it a year and a half ago.

Last week, the "Service Engine Soon" light came on. Turned out to be the gas cap was loose after a fill up. After securing the gas cap and driving a few miles, the "Service Engine Soon" light turned off.

Yesterday, the light came back on. Checked the gas cap, it was on tight. After reading notes on this forum (and several others) I decided to replace the gas cap as the most likely culprit. $10 from Pep Boys for a new gas cap was pretty cheap to see if it'd fix the problem.

Drove 20 miles with the new gas cap, light is still on.

Oddly, I did notice a spot on my driveway below the filler cap the first time the light came on. Don't know if that was gas leaking, or something else, no way to know for sure, but it definitely came from the Envoy.

Besides the light being on, the vehicle is running fine. Averaging 18mpg in mixed driving, got 25.6 on the highway coming home from Michigan last weekend.

Any suggestions? I'd hate to take it in and incur a large service fee over nothing (and all the dealers here just rip you off anyway..)

22nd Oct 2007, 14:59

My Service Engine Soon light is completely intermittent. I fueled up with a tank of Premium gas and it went out after a few miles. Adding premium or fuel additive has made it go away for me, but only for a while. Then, mysteriously it comes back.

22nd Oct 2007, 16:54

To 21Oct, 14:01, I just read a string of comments and I thought maybe another could help you out. Check out 11Oct 13:11 regarding a crack in the fuel tank. A cracked fuel tank will cause the error light to shine too. Look for a recall notice on this too. For your sake (and maybe mine), I hope there is one.

31st Oct 2007, 23:22

I also have a 2002 Envoy - when I read the string of comments I have experienced almost all of the maladies listed. I have owned it since new and have replaced steering links and stabilizers at about 30,000 miles - mechanic told me there was a production flaw in these parts - no charge - the heater control speed by speed stopped working until there was only one speed left - had to replace the switch - the mysterious check engine light has come on and then just as mysteriously gone off - the gas cap has been the culprit at least once - all brakes & rotors were replaced at 40,000 miles (the replacements seem to be a better quality than the originals) - the intermittent wiper function has just started to act up with the wipers jerking across the windshield and at times stopping part way through a cycle when on intermittent settings. The vehicle is now nearing 100,000 miles and today I discovered a crack in the fuel tank - gas mileage has been a constant problem since this vehicle was new.

I agree that it is a great vehicle in terms of comfort, power and general drive-ability, however, the was my first GM purchase and I must say it will be my last.

12th Dec 2007, 00:28

I purchased a 2003 Envoy SLT with 76,000 miles on it. I noticed before taking delivery that the water pump was making a noise. The dealer replaced the water pump and fan clutch at no charge (this was done just about 60 days ago). The Service Engine Soon light came on and I was told it was the O2 sensor and that things would be fine, just get it replaced sometime soon.

Fast forward to this past Friday night when as I was leaving a parking lot, the Engine Power Reduction light came on. It was not joking either, max speed was about 5 mph. I parked the car and had it towed the next day to a Tuffy Shop. I went and purchased the (2) O2 sensors myself (since I was told from the dealer that was the problem) and had them install them for me. Car then ran fine through this past Monday when both lights came on again. I get back to the shop and they proceed to run several diagnostic tests to figure out the problem. It is determined that the Throttle Body Ass'y and sensors are out. So they are replaced.

I pick the vehicle up and have it for less than 4 hours when it all happens AGAIN. Car is in the shop again and now they think it may be a Transfer Case/Switch issue.

Does anyone have any insight to these same problems?

26th Dec 2007, 06:49

I have a 2003 GMC Envoy SLT and it has about 78,000 miles. About 7 months ago my left turn signal light was intermittent. 8 times out of 10 when I would want to turn left the hazard lights would turn on instead of the left turn signal. Then about 3 months ago all the dash lights went haywire. I even get the annoying tone. While I am driving I get all the lights flashing at me and the tone. Unfortunately for me, I am in the Air Force and stationed in Northern Germany. There is no dealerships here. I have read all of these reviews and read some of the same problems that I have. I was wondering if someone could tell me exactly what was wrong and how I could fix it, so that I could tell a mechanic here exactly what I need and see if they could fix it. Thank you.