24th Dec 2012, 04:32

I leave my class III hitch and ball on my vehicles all the time. I have been rear ended, hit hard and suffered no damage to my vehicle. It's amazing how it protects your vehicle. In turn it does a workout on an inattentive texting vehicle who rear ends you.

I have had 8 boats and an enclosed trailer over the years. I have never backed fully into the tongue when hooking up. I stop short and hand pull my trailer to the ball on boats under 19 foot. I use an extended hitch on my pick up for my large boat. The bumpers on my SUV don't have a mark.

24th Dec 2012, 16:40

This is a vehicle to take a nice trip. People are so overwhelmed with fuel and are crammed up. It's a nice comfortable ride sit in the back and watch a DVD. Gives you a great incentive to work hard for a nice vehicle.

25th Dec 2012, 15:35

I have been very pleasantly surprised at the great fuel mileage of our 275 horsepower Envoy I-6. On a trip up into the mountains fully loaded (but not towing anything) we got 24 MPG. The best our V-6 Explorers ever got was about 19.

19th May 2013, 14:57

After 117,000 miles I finally had to make the first repair on this vehicle. This weekend I replaced the water pump and serpentine drive belt at a cost of $77. I also cleaned the throttle body and MAP and IAT sensors. This model doesn't have an MAF sensor like some other late model cars. The spark plugs are still the originals, and I plan to change them soon, although the car runs flawlessly. I left the original hoses on the car because they were still like new.

Changing the water pump was a pretty simple job. It's a little tight, but nothing like front drive cars. I re-used the original fan clutch because I haven't had any problems with it, and if I do, it is easy to change out. They are pretty pricey. A new one is $188.

I also did a Seafoam treatment on the engine and ran some in the oil before changing it. I put Seafoam in the oil and drove about 100 miles, and then changed the oil. I also added some to the gas tank. I'm not sure how effective this stuff is, but I decided to try it.

18th Jun 2014, 00:31

After 130,000 miles, our Envoy continues to look, feel and drive like brand new.

The total repairs after eleven years and 130,000 miles has been $77 for a water pump and drive belt, and it didn't need the drive belt as it was like new. I'm keeping it as a spare.

I still have the new brake pad in the box that I bought in 2011. It still doesn't need them. Thus far it still has the original spark plugs, shocks, hoses, and has never had an alignment.

I helped a friend move some stuff with his 2003 last weekend, and he has 220,000 trouble-free miles on his. In our area I see dozens of Envoys and Trailblazers every day. I see virtually none of the other SUVs we test drove before buying the Envoy, such as the Dodge Durango, Toyota Highlander (a real nightmare) or the Kia Sorento. Apparently few of those have survived this long.

My wife plans to keep this vehicle for the rest of her life. Although I just bought her one of the flimsy little SUV wannabes (Ford Escape Turbo), she still prefers to drive a real SUV. When Ford and GM stopped making truck-based rear drive midsized SUVs, our decision to keep the Envoy forever was sealed.

31st May 2015, 00:16

Adding another update. This vehicle is now over twelve years old and has over 140,000 miles. At this point total repairs have been $77 for water pump and drive belt (the belt wasn't really needed). Still running on original brake pads, shocks, etc. have never had an alignment or had the A/C serviced. No transmission service or fluid added to the transmission or power steering ever.

The check engine light has been on for eight years now, but there are no evident problems. The car runs flawlessly with no drop in power or fuel mileage. I did recently notice that it was running a little hot while waiting in a slow line at a fast food restaurant. I solved the problem by adding two gallons of coolant. The coolant level had not been checked in several years. I checked and tightened all hoses.

This remains by far the best vehicle we have ever owned. I've bought my wife two vehicles since we got the Envoy, but I ended up driving them. She plans to put a quarter million miles on it. At present it looks, runs and drives just as it did the day we bought it. We just returned from a road trip in it and felt totally secure with it.

15th Mar 2016, 00:41

Original owner update. 13+ years old and heading for 200,000 miles, this is by far the most reliable and well-built vehicle we have ever opened. Still have not done a brake job or tune-up. Original brake linings show very little wear. On our third battery and third set of tires. Total repair cost for over 13 years has been a whopping $77 for a water pump and drive belt.

The car is still indistinguishable from brand new. We have nothing but praise for it. Sadly GM stupidly decided to quit making this wonderful truck based SUV and replaced it with the flimsy front-drive Acadia.