1995 GMC Jimmy from North America


Not sure, I've had worse


Replaced radiator, fuel injector, blower motor gone. Stinks not to have heat in the winter.

Radiator hose went, water pump... I think, recently the alternator.

Oh yeah, anyone having trouble with the doors... staying on, any broken hinges, door pins.. I am... BUT NEED HELP AND SUGGESTIONS.

So I'm driving home from work, it's dark, it's late, it's cold... out of nowhere the CHECK GAUGES light comes on. I notice the temp on the car running hot. I pull off the road, luckily by an open pizza place. I have to add water to the coolant reserve (to my surprise - empty) light goes off, I drive a little further and then a stop at a 7/11 for a gallon of water - this time the coolant reserve and radiator get filled. At first I see nothing leaking.

Not too much more down the road, another stop at an open restaurant. Another gallon of water, and now I notice a puddle as I'm pouring and a stream as I'm driving. Not too far and empty again... finally home.. At this time it's coming out as I'm putting it in. Didn't notice a problem with any radiator hoses or the radiator. It seems to be coming from just under the engine. Could it be the water pump or the freeze out plug? Comes out even when the car is off. How much is an estimated repair for either the water pump or freeze out plug? Please help.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2010

11th Apr 2010, 08:19

Had the same problem, added water, keeps running out, back of motor... frost plug.

1995 GMC Jimmy SLT 4.3 Vortex from North America


The Jimmy is OK but not purchase a 96 or newer where many of these problems were fixed..


Wow, Where do I begin? This vehicle now has 131,000 miles on it. Items that have been replaced:

Frame at 60K (only street driving but frame cracked in front left corner near transfer case mount due to poor welds at the factory), Transmission at 62K, Motor at 80k (oil always changed at 3K intervals), two complete sets of upper and lower ball joints, four CPI's (Spider Valve), Water Pump, Fuel Pump, Front brake pads and rotors at an average of 7000 miles for the first 70,000 miles. Two Catlytic converters, exhaust system and the list goes on but I just can't remember it all.

Even the dealer chuckled when I returned for service indicating I was returning with my "Money Pit".

General Comments:

This Jimmy is a Money Pit but having put so much money into it, I have to attempt to reclaim some of my large investment. The problem is the expense never seems to end.

I have always purchased GM products and have seen over the years, better and more reliable vehicles from GM, Ford and Chrysler.

I will purchase GM again.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2008

1995 GMC Jimmy SL from North America


Walk but do not BUY


GMC Jimmy 95... God bless this vehicle..

How many times I had to go to dealership & local mechanics? I do not know, but the $ amount I've spent on this vehicle is almost 2/3 of the price!!

Fuel injector, EGR valve, heating core, alternator, water pump, ignition modules etc.

My friend's said I am going to change the spare wheel also to fix this car..

General Comments:

I think my car likes to take a ride on tow trucks more than running on its own wheels!! Now I am thinking to get a bicycle which is more trusted than this Jimmy.. No more in my life in my family GM "DO NOT ENTER".

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Review Date: 19th March, 2008

1995 GMC Jimmy 4.3 vortex from North America


Engineering disaster


Engine Design (push rods and ignition system).

Power steering leeks.

Oil pump runs at low pressure and the bearing in the engine are now gone.

Transmission is gone.

Water leeks inside the car from the heater.

General Comments:

Nice looking car all round.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2007

1995 GMC Jimmy SLT GAS from North America


GM Sucks!!!


The trouble started the minute we started pulling the jet skis to the water. The dealer had been "towing his bass boat without a problem" for a month. The vehicle had problems staying up to highway speed on any inclination. For statement of fact, I was towing two (2) Polaris 750 jet skis. A lot of the trips were 200 miles to the coast and back home.

The first transmission the vehicle wasted was about 750 miles. Since purchasing the vehicle I have had 9 replacement transmissions from the dealer and 2 rebuilds. The truck current will not shift gears appropriately and needs a new rebuild or replacement.

I have tried adding an additional coolant system for the transmission to no avail. After the first transmission, I did pickup up on the transmission deposit on the back window of the truck. I believe this is from the overflow vent on the passenger side of the transmission leaking onto the exhaust.

The original engine has been rebuilt three (3) times and head gaskets replaced once since the last rebuild.

I have had the same problem with the anti-lock brakes as I have read in other reviews. After approximately, 2 years of ownership the problem resolved during a recall on the brake system.

I still have the vehicle because I rarely sell any vehicle I have owned. This is my distant 4th or 5th vehicle and not my principal. I am considering a complete re-engineering of the drive train, since I have still used the vehicle for hunting.

General motors and the dealer were no help what so ever. I don't think they have a clue. The GMC Jimmy is a LEMON and an engineering failure.

General Comments:

I would never own another General Motors product.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2007

12th May 2008, 09:04

Shouldn't be towing 2 750 jet skis with a v6 SUV man. That's the reason for your 9 trannys, not GM.

21st Nov 2008, 00:49

Towing capacity for this truck is 5,000lbs. 2 jet skis and a trailer should not be a problem for a truck with 260lbs of torque and 195HP.

I have the same truck, and I have 93,000 miles on it, it has sat on the side of my house for almost 3 years, I started it 2 weeks ago, (I had to give it a jump) but it started perfectly well, and has been very reliable. I just took a 1200 mile trip in it with no problems.

Sorry to hear your JIMMY was such a lemon, I would think with 9 transmissions that would definitely be under the lemon law, but 9 transmissions in what period of time. Looks like you have over 230k miles on that thing. I don't expect any car to last that long. (especially American).

I have however replaced 3 master cylinders for the brakes. And there is a hole in the drivers side leather seat. I hear this was a design flaw.

I cant complain about the truck though, oh except the ABS doesn't work, even though I did have the dealer put the pads on themselves. So that's my 2 cents.