1996 GMC Jimmy SLT V6 from North America


Very good 1996 GMC Jimmy SLT


Head Gasket


Ball Joints

Fuel Pump

Distributer Cap.

I think the most expensive stuff went out. You learn to live with it.

Also not all the repairs happened when I owned the car. That's everything since new, but with a 150,000 miles you have to expect some of the repairs. With my budget I had to decide if I wanted a ugly car or one that looked good and I would just have to fix it up a little.

General Comments:

Over all I really liked the car. loved the car inside and out on looks. Took on 3 big trips, never broke down on me. There is also a newer one in my family that was bought new. Never had ONE SINGLE problem with it. It has over 140,000 miles on it as well. Very good trucks.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2007

1996 GMC Jimmy SLT 4.0 from North America


All 1996 GMC Jimmy's should have been recalled all together!


Replaced starter, water pump, all belts, hoses, and gaskets, front brakes 4x's, back wheel cylinders, drums, and shoes (shoes 2x's), radiator, system flushed 3x's, heater core, thermostat (x3), not to mention the lack of anything working properly!

General Comments:

For starters I never wanted this truck to begin with! But somehow I let someone talk me into it and I have regretted it ever since! I bought it in 2004 with 144,00 miles on it for $3500.00 and was assured it was a great running vehicle, but the previous owner had another child and the 2 doors just weren't working out. YEAH RIGHT! He saw me coming! Needless to say I have put more money into it then I ever would've paid for a better used vehicle! I know its my own fault for being dooped, but come on people the way they make cars anymore is ridiculous! I know more about vehicles then I appear to and I am quite upset at the way people push their lemons onto other unsuspecting, trusting individuals. As far as I am concerned I will never buy GMC again!

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Review Date: 4th January, 2007

2nd Sep 2007, 11:38

If you bought a new car that wouldn't happen.

25th Oct 2007, 14:56

I hate my Jimmy. I can't complain much since this was given to me. In the last 2 weeks I have spent $400 and still do not know what is wrong. A friend of mine was my mechanic and told me that he will never work on my car again. In 3 years I have replaced: brakes (front and back 3 times) radiator, hoses, starter, fuel pump, fuel regualtor, had my engine rebuilt, the top rack I finally took off, my side mirror just fell off one day, my heater core is bad, my manifold casing is just melting away, the bearings are shot, my head gasket is going out, air intake hose. Needless to say I hate my Jimmy. I am a girl so I do not know much about cars, but I take it to the shop almost every month to have something else worked on.

Anyone want to buy it. I am only asking $1,000. Ha-ha, I would not let anyone give me another GMC product.

6th Jun 2009, 08:19

There was a reason it was free right? We have Honda's and Toyota's given to us every week, but we don't bother to fix the imports, it's just not cost effective.

1996 GMC Jimmy SLT 4.3L Vortex from North America


Best Value for the Money ever


Fuel Pump, Drivers Side door Hinge. A/C compressor. Drivers Power Seat Control.

General Comments:

At 168k I got my moneys worth. I plow snow, pull trailers and really abused this truck. I would buy another in a heartbeat and am negoitiating to buy a 97 as I type.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2006

1996 GMC Jimmy LT 4.3 from North America


Pile of s^&t


Head casket blew heater core cat to much to list.

General Comments:

This car is a pile of crap I had it for maybe a year and drove it maybe 3 month the hole time becasue it was broken down.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2005