23rd Oct 2002, 19:29

All of you people are stupid. The dealership has sold you melons. I have a 98' GMC JIMMY "SLT", and have over 135 Kms on it. And all I had to do was basic maintainence. That's it. It is a great truck. It has gobs of power. It is great. If you people knew how to maintain it, then you wouldn't have a problem with your Truck. I am even towing my K5 blazer, over 2500 lbs. All I had to do was add a tranny cooler (RAD for transmission). It is great. And, I am planning to raise it 9" by the end of 2002.

2nd Dec 2002, 17:40

I have a 1997 GMC Jimmy with 85,000 miles. Since owning the vehicle I have had to replace the alternator 3 times, put a new A/C compressor in it and have always had problems with the electrical system i.e. the speedometer sticks and know my power locks and power seats have failed. I have maintained the vehicle according to the manufacturers maintenance schedule. While I have found the car to be very comfortable with exceptional towing power, I don't know that I would every buy another or recommend it to a friend.

1st Feb 2003, 19:31

I agree with the other person. I have a 2001 Blazer 2door, 2wd and a 2000 Jimmy SLE 4X4 4 door. I have never had a single problem like these people are talking about!! I do my own maintenace and use pure synthetics only. I have 37,000 miles on my 2000 Jimmy with 4 wheel driver and I am still on the original brake pads and rotors!! front and rear yes! all original and I have 4 wheel drive and 37,000 miles. You people couldnt take care of a vehicle if it ran you over and spewed oil on you. Get real and stop whining, you must learn to be responsible. Now get along children!

2nd Mar 2003, 01:24

I have a 1995 "GMC" Jimmy. If you go to The "NHTSA" website, you will find over 10,000 complaints for the 1995 and 1996 models. Since the day I had the SUV I have had problems especially with the brakes. I replaced the elec. fuel pump (which has to be replaced again), wiring harness for power seats, Cruise control (which just went out again) rear window wiper motor, the catalytic converter (which took out the muffler), some kind of computer thing for the brakes (3 recalls on the brakes - total 11 recalls all together) and other things right after the warranty ran out. "GMC's" response, "Sorry you are out of warranty". My response, "I will buy a Toyota"

24th Jun 2003, 11:20

My 1996 GMC Jimmy SLE has been a nightmare to say the least. I bought it used with 35,000 miles on it and ever since I hit 50,000 miles, I have had nothing but major trouble. I cannot seem to go longer than 3 months without a major repair. I have had the following problems: bad battery (twice), alternator, brakes (twice), transmission clutch, bad radiator, which lead to getting an entirely new engine ($4000), entire transmission went two months after that ($2000), water pump, ignition coils, catalytic converter, a/c condenser and compressor, bad windshield wipers, power seat went bad, and there is probably more that I am not thinking of. In the past 18 months, I have spent over $10,000 in repairs. I think GM should be served with a class action lawsuit for selling these nightmare vehicles!!

30th Jul 2003, 07:32

My ex-husband has a 1996 GMC Jimmy and we had the problem with the oxygen sensors almost immediately after purchasing the car. The car now has almost 70K miles on it and it looks like the alternator has gone on it. Other than that, we have had no complaints.

8th Aug 2003, 18:06

Hi to all those with problems. I bought a used 1997 GM Jimmy just last September and have had to pay over $5,000 to fix it. The only thing my warranty covered was having the transmission rebuilt and not everything else that had to be done along with it. The first thing to go was the Transmission, then the Front Wheel Drive, then the Catalytic Converter and now the Alternator. My vehicle has almost 90,000 miles on it and it has put me behind on other bills and problems at work. My job requires me to have a vehicle and this one does not cut the mustard. So I feel the pain of many others and their Jimmy's.


North Pole, Alaska.

17th Dec 2003, 12:28

I have a '96 GMC Jimmy that I bought used about 5 years ago with 30K miles on it. Now I have 130K miles on it, but it has been a constant repair case. I have replaced the alternator, battery, belt tensioner, brakes twice, transfer case overhauled ($850), oil lines replaced, rear wiper motor is burned out, just replaced the driver side motor mount, the Dex-Cool radiator fluid is garbage and have flushed and replaced twice, O2 sensor replaced. I also have constant oil and transmission leaks and the GMC dealerships just try to get big $$$ for any work they do.

GMC is supposed to be Professional Grade which is why I bought it. They should give me a truck to test, but I am very hesitant on buying another GMC.

24th Dec 2003, 07:09

I bought a new 1996 Jimmy and like so many others, I am beginning to believe it is gone past being a lemon and went straight to being lemonade to be shared by anyone who has ever owned one.

I have replaced air conditioner compressors, serpentine belts, brakes, radio wiring harness, O2 sensors, fuel tank parts, radiator, water pumps, and other things that I have just plain forgotten about.

My biggest concern is the radiator at this time. It has gotten so much gunk in it that it is no longer heating. I have repalced the thermostat twice, radiator after being boiled out, water pump twice in the past two years, flushed the system several times and it still has problems. Is there anything else that anyone can tell me to do other than put the thing out of its and mine misery.

No more GMC for me in my lifetime. This is the 4th one I have owned and all had problems.

Toyota, here I come.

27th Feb 2004, 15:46

I bought my 1996 GMC Jimmy 3 years ago with 60,000 miles. It now has 90,000 miles. I never had a major problem besides the wear and tear. Everything works perfect. I love this truck!

8th Apr 2004, 21:50

Hello to those GMC Jimmy owners. I am proud to say that I own a Jimmy 4x4. I recently turned sixteen and my parents gave me a 1990 Jimmy 4x4. It has 206,000 miles on it and requires only minor head work. It was used as a emergency vehicle before my family came upon it. I guess the 95's and up models are causing trouble, but mine has been nothing if not reliable. I'm just glad it isn't a Ford.

23rd Jul 2004, 15:24

I own a 96 Jimmy. Bought it new in 95. The only major problem I've had with it is that the fuel injectors went bad at 122,000 miles, I had to change the alternator at 60,000 miles, and the water pump at 72,323 miles. I have had minor issues such as worn out radiator hoses, serpentine belts, plastic parts... all normal due to wear and tear.

I have always had GMC cars/trucks since I was in high school/college (76 Chevy Truck, 1987 Buick Grand National, and 1996 GMC Jimmy) and never had the type of major issues most are posting on this site.

I also have had my share of so-called foreign vehicles (VW and TOYOTA Truck). They also have had similar problems to my Jimmy. My Toyota had to have belts and hoses replaced, two radiators, an alternator, wiper motor, and fuel regulator.

I actually believe that buying a car, any car, is somewhat of a crap shoot. Besides, you really don't know where most cars are built these days. For example, a lot of VW's parts and chassis are built in Mexico. Ford uses Honda and Mazda parts. In fact, my friend just bought a 2004 Saturn VUE which is supposedly built on a Mazda Chasis, has some electrical components attributed to Jaguar, and of course GM Parts. So you never know. I mean Toyota, Honda, and Nissan have large productions in the US with American employees. Maybe they have better quality control procedures or something.

I have no complaints about my GM vehicle. Never had problems with them. Although I have had friends who have had problems, but they also have had problems with their BMWs and Nissans as well..so...