2nd Aug 2004, 00:00

I have a 95 Jimmy SLT. This vehicle I bought about 2 months ago and it has been nothing, but worries from then in. I got it from a dealer and he assured me the truck was in excellent shape. NOT!!! The day time running lights do not work, but when the lights are on, the day time running light - light flickers on and off. The transmission shifts funny and at 120KMS on the highway, it starts to slip. Also, the rear wiper stopped working (after I just replaced motor). The horn does not work anymore. The vehicle rattles like crazy. The doors move up and down when I hit small bumps on the road. The passenger door no longer opens from the inside. The check engine light keeps coming on now and again and as of today, I have to crank the vehicle for a good minute straight to get it to start. Whats next???

8th Sep 2004, 17:00

I bought my 96 Jimmy SLT 3 years ago and it hasn't been all that bad. The only troubles I have had is the dexcool clogged up my overflow tank and I just replaced my fuel pump. Other than that the truck has been great and seems not to lack at all in power. I work with a person who owned a 95 Jimmy SLT and had nothing, but trouble. I guess every car is differnt just like everybody else who posts messages. May God bless you all and long live your Jimmy.

10th Nov 2004, 18:32

I own a 1996 GMC Jimmy SUV. I bought it used at 52000 miles. The first problem off the bat was no ac $400.

At 85000 miles upper lower ball joints twice within two years. The first one a garage did for $500. They actually did it twice, so they say. They said the first set were defects, and they weren't from a dealer either. The following year I did it an found out the garage installed one upper incorrectly. My cost $200. The alternator was replaced twice, as was the battery. At 101000 miles a new radiator along with a system flush along with a thermostat. That worked for a year and half. Now the problems back. I can here the water passing through the heater core like its low.. But the radiator is full and the fill tank. Wife is complaining again no heat... I was told not to buy it.. to late. I should have listened. It was good for 30000miles. Guess what I'm doing on my day off again!!!

15th Mar 2005, 14:08

Although I feel badly about a number of people who've complained about problems with their Jimmy's, I've had 5 of them... yes that's 5... and have only had the transfer case fork go out on one of them. The rest has been basic maintenance like tires, shocks, belts and things of that sort. I'm an accountant by trade and far from a mechanic, but I do insist on changing my fluids regularly with the synthetic stuff and do my own work when I can. When you open up your differential case and see dust like the fellow who started this series of opinions... how can you say you maintain a vehicle properly. Any vehicle, especially a 4x4 will need more service than a car and in particular... the folks who complain about expensive repairs at 120, 140 160,000 miles should really get a grip. These things don't last forever. I live in Canada and know all about hard winters, but it's usually the folks who drive these things like they were sherman tanks and think that they're indestructible are the ones who complain about high repair bills. Coincidence?

1st Apr 2005, 18:47

Hello all.. I own a 1997 GMC Jimmy and it has been nothing, but trouble since the day it was purchased.. (5-97) I have in the last year have spent close to what I paid for it when it was brand new.. It goes through front brake pads like no tomorrow. I have had the cooling system flushed three different times due to the wonderful product known as Dex cool. For those of you who called the owners of the 95-96 Jimmy's stupid your vehicle is newer and GM learned of their mistakes in the prior years and they were corrected for the most part for the 1998+ model years... That is why you don't have the problems like these people have had with their vehicles.. Sure maintenance has a lot to do with vehicle life. But maintenance cannot prevent the problems stated with these vehicles.. GM knew of these problems and did the very minimum to remedy these complaints.. I know that every car maker has it's lemons.. I think that it is great that some of you have had luck with these vehicles I hope they run for you forever.. But for some of us these cars have been awful and quite costly..

23rd Jul 2005, 19:21

I first commented here on March 23rd 2003 - and since then my problems have continued. I finally buried my car last week when the radiator and the transmission decided to mate... again hundreds (1100 to be exact) miles from home, and I was left stranded, unable to rent a car because I am so in debt because of the repairs.

The failure which I talked of in my March '03 post was actually my engine blowing up - $4,000. Since then, again, I have not gone more than 4 months without another significant repair, including more radiator problems. Granted, at this stage I had 150,000 - but the engine was only 30,000 miles old, and I'd just had the transmission repaired this past winter and they said it still looked really solid. My total cost of repairs on this vehicle in 6 years exceeds $14,000. I still owe on the car due to various circumstances - $6,500 in fact - so now I have a giant loan to pay off, and no car. I will never buy GM again.

What really makes me the most angry is the $2,000+ I've sunk into this piece of crap in the past 7 months for nothing - including a brand new catalytic converter in January and new fuel pump exactly 1 month ago (together totaling $1500 because the parts are completely overpriced) - I might as well have thrown my money into the fireplace. I refuse to sink any more into that vehicle, it is dead and buried. Maybe the junkyard can salvage the newer parts, of which there were many...

My vehicle has been very well maintained - because every time I was due for an oil change or other regular service, something broke and had to go to the shop anyway.

5th Sep 2005, 13:51


I am the owner of a 1996 gmc that my daughter purchased new it now has 95,568 miles and I replaced the brakes at 75,000 and now the water pump at 95,000. doesn't anything last forever these days??

30th Jun 2006, 12:41

I have 1997 GMC jimmy SLT, I bought this truck 2 years ago, since then I keep fixing different things. I changed the alternator, all 4 ball joints, shocks, center link, angle arms, water pump, distributer etc etc, and every day there is a new problem with the truck.

The engine runs fine, but all the other problems comes one after another. I have spent over $2500 so far. Before this truck I had another GMC and the problems were same. I also have a 1997 Corolla and in 5 years (no problem). I would never buy GM again in my life.