15th Oct 2006, 02:57

I have a 1996 GMC Jimmy and have had really good luck with it. It has 138,000 miles on it and hasn't needed anything more than maintenance. Brakes are wearable items, and the need to replace them generally depends on how the auto is driven. My girlfriend has a 2001 Jimmy, with 44,000 miles and has had nothing more than fluid changes done to it. Her father has a sonoma (same, but truck) it has 36,000 miles with not a problem one. Her mother drives a 2002 Blazer with 61,000 miles, no problems there either. It's something else to hear all of this negativity on these vehicles, I have to assume the others that have all these problems aren't treated too well. I sold an Oldsmobile with over 487,000 (nearly half a million miles) on it in January 2006, for 3,000.00, it treated me well for ten years. I had a New corolla, I had to go back to GM, I guess it's all personal preference.

6th Apr 2007, 08:07

I have a 1996 GMC Jimmy SLT for my first car. It had 132,000 miles on it when I bought it. The only thing I had to do to it was put a A/C compressor on it, the only things I do is the regular maintenance

10th Jun 2007, 11:05

I just purchased a 1996 GMC Jimmy 4x4. I had it now for 2 mouths. Since then I have put in $2500.00 into it. Needed ball joints, other front end repairs. The A/C does not work.

But most of all, there seems to be a problem with a sensor that keeps failing and causes the engine to just turnover, but will not start. The shop has replaced 3 in the last 2 weeks. This car has been in the shop for 1/2 time I have had it. I won't let my wife drive it in fear of it stopping on her. I have heard of many complaints about this car, I am now beginning to believe them. I too, have now given up on American auto makers.

18th Sep 2007, 15:06

I've been in the possession of a '96 JMC Jimmy SLT since 67,000 miles. Bought it used, so I'd expected my fair share of technically difficulty. What I did not know, is how fast the parts wear and tear.

- Upper & Lower Ball Joints, x 3

- Pitman / Idler Arms x 2

- 02 Sensor x 2

- A/C never holds a charge to save a life.

- Fuel Pump x 2

- Water Pump

- Under dash electrical work is shoddy. (Radio, signals)

Resulted in small fire..

I love my truck, it just doesn't love me back.

Bought the truch for $5500.00, have since put in more than it's worth in parts and repairs.

1st Dec 2007, 19:06

I have a 96' GMC Jimmy.

Need new rear diff. $1000.

No more A/C; the compressor was shot. Bought the pulley for no A/C $60

Alternator changed.

Driver door unlatches, causing the interior light to come on.

These vehicles are way too nice to be messing up like this.

13th Mar 2008, 10:51

I purchased a used 96 SLT Jimmy that in 1997 from a dealer with 30,000 miles, the first problem I had was the ABS brake system (no brakes) at times along with an idler arm and a defective fuel tank sending unit. The next set of problems was the upper and lower ball joints (GM had a recall on this). Then my water pump and head gasket went at about the same time. A year later the radiator had to be replaced. The horn stopped working 9bad connection in harness near firewall, my lights also blinked on and off (weak relay located in glove compartment). Had a major short in harness, wires running to rear of vehicle over gas tank. Rebuilt alternator. My AC leaks in the winter tried to fix so I just charge the unit every summer. The rest are basic maintenance like tires, shocks, belts, and oil change. Wait till your drive shaft goes, could not get the correct universal joint to replace, ending up buying another drive shaft from the junk yard to get my vehicle fixed. I place on keeping this vehicle until it totally dies than I just junk it.

I do most of my own repairs and maintenance. What I cannot do I take to my brother who owns his own auto repair shop. He did the ABS brake system, Head gasket and ball joints. The rest of the work was done by me. I have done more work on this car that any other car I have owned. I need a four wheel drive because I drive off road, but my next choice will be a Nissan or Toyota.

21st Apr 2008, 13:29

I purchased a new 1996 Jimmy and have had it for over 12 years. The a/c was a bad design, along with the anti-lock brake recall, but other than that it has been the best vehicle I've ever had. At 110K miles the spark plugs were still good. The guy at the shop had to call all of the techs over to look due to his amazement. The only bulb that has ever been replaced is the one over the license plate, just last year when it was over 11 years old. Still going strong and squeals the tires at 134K miles. I just got a good one or got lucky. Tired of SUV ugly and ready for another car. I may just have to keep this GMC, just in case, just because, why not?!

9th Feb 2009, 14:42

I got my 1996 GMC Jimmy SLT in 2006. It has 303,539 km.

After about 2 months of owning the car stalled a lot. Went to the mechanic for a tune up and the water pump was replaced. Then the check engine light came on and it was the cam sensor.

I have already had 2 batteries die out and 2 fuel pumps. Also the rear wiper never worked so I just left it.

My car also overheated and the reservoir cracked because of the crappy dex cool from GM.

The ABS light came on a month ago and stays on.

Only 3 of my speakers work in my car and they work when they want to.

My switch for the indicator and washer fluid went out, so if something happens I'm in trouble. And power seat never worked and now I could almost not reach the pedal.

This car is reliable, but not always in the winter time when it gets cold in Canada.

The fuel gauge is about 1/4 off so it's hard to tell when I need gas.

My locks were messed up for about 2 weeks. They use to unlock automatically and then it suddenly stopped.

While driving on a ruff surface I took a turn and the car almost rolled over on me; luckily my brakes were good since I just got back from the mechanics.

Had to replace the idler arm after that it idled fine.

10th Feb 2009, 07:34

To 9th Feb 2009, 14:42 what do you expect with something so old? I don't think you know what you're talking about - an idler arm does not control engine idle.

1st Dec 2010, 21:10

My little dumplin is a 1996 GMC Sierra SLE 4.3 assembled in Canada, and the guys did a really good job, but, things don't last forever, and with 107K the fuel pump has been replaced twice in 12 months with OEM parts. I have a feeling it's wanting to go out again, because first time it's cranked, it takes few seconds for fuel pressure. Could this be it is over worked due to the regulator or a bad ground to the pump? dcdon { at } suddenlink.net.

For what it's worth replace your front end parts with Moog heavy duty parts. In the past I raced cars, and we learned Moog is the only way to go. And when you replace your shocks, always replace coil springs and have leaf springs brought back to spec. at a spring and frame shop. Use one that has been in business for a long time.

I just had a problem with the windshield wipers and took the front plate off, removed the IC board, wiped the grease from the pinion off the points and wheel, and it works again. Oh, I also lubed all the turning parts with a Teflon oil I use on airplanes (Tri Flow).

Transmission valves were sticky, so I poured a mixture of lacquer thinner (10%) and Berryman B-12 Chemtool (90%). About a pint total. Had the transmission shop dump it, check the fluid coming out for problems (just a little brass, no problem), adjust the bands, clean the screen and refill with synthetic fluid (Amsoil). Oh, on the way to the shop, I stopped, put it in reverse and flogged it four good times and back to a stop. Started from dead stop, wide open to max shift from L and drive, and the last time kicked it down a few good times. I figured all of it was lacquer build up. I wouldn't recommend this unless you know what you're doing.

The A/C compressor is definitely a bad design. Pressed together. If you need to replace one, be sure to get OEM parts. The freon loss usually comes in the winter, during the two housing shrinking different amounts. They changed after 97 I think.

6th Jan 2011, 15:40

I purchased a 4x4 1996 SLE GMC Jimmy last year in November.

After scrolling through all these comments on here, I almost regret buying it, except for I still drive the beast now. When I bought it, it had 145,000 miles on it. The engine had been rebuilt already, and had around 30,000 miles on it. Since November of 09, when I purchased the Jimmy, I have put around 18,000 miles on it.

One of the first repairs I had to make were the ball joints. Not a cheap repair, but a must if you want to travel safely. The next thing I had a problem with was my 4x4 wouldn't lock in. I had to spend roughly 100 dollars to get that straightened out. Turned out to be an electrical problem.

The AC does not work at all. The compressors on these vehicles are absolute junk! Thankfully, up until recently, I lived in the mountains of Colorado, and I did not need AC. I've also had to replace the thermostat and fan clutch.

The electrical problems on the Jimmy seem to be non stop. I replace fuses pretty often, and had to replace the blinker switch (which was a pain in the ass).

To sum things up, my Jimmy has a little over 160,000 on it, and it still keeps on trucking.

All in all, I can't complain too much about Jimmy. I've been over mountains in Colorado with it, and played in the Arkansas mud with it, and it keeps on going. So in my opinion, the 96 Jimmy with proper maintenance will be as dependable as how well you take care of it.