2000 GMC S-10 ZR2 V6 Vortec from North America


Awsome riding and looking light truck


Truck wouldn't start, everything else would turn on (dash, fuel pump etc) but wouldn't crank over. Turned out to be the Park Neutral Safety Switch (the truck thought it wasn't in park to start). This happened twice within 2 weeks of purchase.

General Comments:

Overall the vehicle runs great except for the fuel mileage. I get 400 km to the tank.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2003

1994 GMC S-10 Blazer LS 4.3 vortec from North America


Love it when the EGR valve doesn't stick


EGR Valve.

General Comments:

Hello, normally I would not offer an unsolicited review of a product, however in this case I feel I should. We purchased our '94 Blazer with enthusiasm, only to find dismay with the EGR valve. The more research I do on this, the more I am disappointed.

After driving our new purchase for 6 months, we experienced much as the same problems that I have read about on this site: braking distance increased, stalling, lack of power etc. As recommended we replaced the EGR valve. Great drive for about three weeks. Tired of spending money without adequate results, we went to a GM dealer. We bathed the EGR valve for the recommended 4 hours... great drive for 2 days, returned the truck to bath it overnight... great drive for one week... now it is recommended we have a $1600 valve job done. After spending $600 dollars, now another 1600. Well from the research, it is clear this is a design fault. By some miracle when the truck was running well, we had the emissions test done (by law), it passed and we have two years before it is done again.

Now we are looking at a backing plate to cut off the emissions return capabilities. I'm told this won't hurt the vehicle, the only drawback is that it will leave the "must service engine soon" on... better than the $1600. For those who think that you can just clean it every so often, I spoke with a reliable friend/mechanic who has seen a vehicle 7 times for the carbon build up.

Tomco has also designed a replacement EGR gasket that contains a fine mesh, heat resistant screen that prevents the carbon from reaching the EGR valve pintle and its seat. Check out www.tomco-inc.com. I am not a sales or rep for this company, but I have contacted them for this gasket (only this morning without response yet). For those frustrated with the EGR valve... don't think it will solve itself after one trip to the shop. Good luck.

I love the truck when it runs well, and I don't mind spending money for maintenance - as long as the money fixes the problem. Be careful if your wife takes the truck or if you drive with your kids in the truck when it is showing the above mentioned signs. I am a big guy, and I have difficulties stopping quickly if this arises. Hope this helps...

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Review Date: 13th March, 2003

14th Jun 2003, 16:14

The Blazer is made by Chevy not GMC. GMC makes the Jimmy which was discontinued last year. It's replacement, the Envoy, is in my driveway.

11th Aug 2003, 13:43

The Valve is up against the manifold, but under the throttle control system (?). It is also tightly squeezed in next to the AC compressor, so all of that makes it very difficult to get to yourself without removing a lot of your engine! At least 2 hours of labor if you bring it in for service.


1989 GMC S-10 4.3L 6 from North America


Gas guzzling lemon


This truck has rusted horribly.

It gets no more than 9 miles to the gallon.

I replaced both the starter and the alternator.

General Comments:

I was very disappointed with this truck. I expected a 1/4 ton with a V6 to get much better mileage.

The rust on this truck has to be seen to be believed, It must have had some kind of defect from the factory as it rusted in places that are normally protected, like the top of the roof and the middle of the hood. However this truck always started well even at 35 below, which we see quite a lot of here.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2003

23rd Jan 2004, 17:20

I have owned 2 GMC trucks and I have never had the problems that you have had. But I must ask you, if you have kept up with the maintenance. Like changing the air filter and the oil changed every 3000 miles without fail? Or the spark plugs or spark plug wires. Also the after market has a lot products that can help you with the gas mileage.

6th Apr 2004, 10:15

I agree with the other guys comment. The rust is your problem. You can't just buy a truck and expect it to maintain itself. My '89 S-10 has 179000 miles on it and I have only had problems with the starter. I maintain my truck myself and that's why it has proven true to me.

27th Nov 2005, 13:23

I seem to have problems with my 1989 Chevy s10 pickup. now I have water in my oil and my engine is full of antifreeze and I can't quit figure out how to go about fixing it. that is the only problem I've had with my truck.