1995 GMC Safari 4.3 from North America


Too many breakdowns, don't recommend


The throttle control sensor had to be replaced. The EGR valve needed replaced. The water pump needed replaced. The tires wear quickly. Its in the shop more than its on the road.

Now the battery won't hold a charge. I have owned Dodges, Chevys that were all old vehicles, but this is clearly the worst vehicle I have ever owned as far as break downs.

General Comments:

The van uses too much gas. Comfort wise its enjoyable, but I always have to worry about the next breakdown. It don't go very far without the next problem creeping up. I had to buy a jump start box because it had died a number of times. It goes great in the snow.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2003

4th Sep 2003, 13:27

I think that the GMC Safari Is a great van. We have had one for several years and the only thing we have put into it is gas and an oil change every 3k miles. Maybe it was just van for you. But ours is great.

16th Nov 2005, 18:25

When I read these comments (and thank you all for posting) I wonder what kind of driving you are doing. Is it in city vs country? Is it stop and go for hours on end? Especially with all the brake comments. I'm considering a Safari because our 1990 Oldsmobile was retired with 330,000 kms on it. EVERY vehicle needs major maintenance when they get over 150,000 kms. It's just good to know what they need. Alternators have limited lifetime because of the wear on the brushes, wiper motors, power windows, tires and exhaust likewise. Motor head gaskets... not so much.

19th May 2006, 13:17

Never again will I buy American Made after this purchase. What an awful automobile. From the wiper motors to the transmission, from the idler arms to the alternator, from the brakes to the window motors, from the air conditioning to the power steering. JUNK I say! JUNK!

1995 GMC Safari awd 4.3 V6 from North America


Looks great! - less fullfilling


I've owned this vehicle for about a month, I have replaced the idler arms, rear shocks, soon wiper motor, soon heater blower (front)

General Comments:

I want to say, that after owning a 1990 s-10 blazer, I decided to purchase a used 1992 RWD chevy astro, mostly because the Blazer was so reliable with over 200K on it. i knew the Astro was built on the S-10 basics. I was wrong. my 1992 van developed an engine knock at 150K, replaced knock sensor, plugs/wires/timing etc. with no avail. Lots of little things constantly went wrong with this van... so I sold it. Having faith that this was the one van with constant need of service, i purchased a 1995 GMC Safari with only 88K. I am starting to see a trend... In one month since purchase, I've replaced the idler arms (done on the 1992 as well),rear shocks, window motor, soon I must replace the front blower motor, (I have to hit it to get it to run),the wiper motor, the intermittent feature makes the wipers go crazy.. (however, I read a fix for that on these postings!).These vehicles seem to have high maintenance! I have to say that GM has their philosophy right behind the Astro/Safari. I HATE minivans, and these are the only ones I would own. They give me plenty of room for the kids, hauling loads, power for towing, and the looks and the 4WD of a truck.

It's a shame they seem to have poor build quality, and inherent problems with the line!

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2003

4th Dec 2004, 21:33

Will I am sorry you had such a terrible time with your Astro/Safari van. My is great. Almost 200,000 miles and love it. Talk about a snow and ice vehicle. Wow.

1995 GMC Safari SLT 4.3L High Output V6 from North America


A lousy deal


Muffler fell off 2 times.

General Comments:

So far its been an OK ride and just OK. I bought a totally loaded SLT for around $28,000 new. In city driving, this is an OK van, but when you really want power to pass a big rig or get on the highway, it just doesn't go. The A/C sucks up A LOT of power when it's on (so don't get rear A/C, you get a more power hungry compressor yet). It gets horrible gas mileage (15 m.p.g.) and the interior is cheap and not well crafted.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2003