1995 GMC Safari SLX 4.3 litre from North America


Good traction vehicle with plenty of space, but poor quality workmanship


New rear shocks were required at 73,000 km.

The air conditioning compressor failed at 82,000 km. It failed again the next year, but was replaced free of charge by the dealer (I had to remind them that I paid $1,000 for the repair one year earlier).

The hatchback shocks have been replaced several times. I finally bought the lifetime warranty ones from Canadian Tire and have had no further problems.

The fuel pump failed at 108,00 km and again at 161,000 km. The dealer tells me that you have to keep the tank over half full to provide adequate cooling for the fuel pump. Now that's real convenient for long travel.

The universal joints failed on the drive-shaft at 120,000 km.

The oil line from the radiator to the oil filter leaked at 122,000 km and had to be replaced.

The starter failed at 138,000 km.

The rear hatch release rods came out of their housings at 145,000 km.

The rear hatch electric release wouldn't function at 150,000 km. I drove it for over a year with the interior trim off as the release just wouldn't work with the trim in place. I finally traced the problem to a worn wire. Once I replaced the wire, the electric release worked fine.

The rear pinion seal failed at 152,000 km.

The front pinion seal failed at 158,000 km.

General Comments:

If I didn't perform most of the maintenance by myself on this vehicle, I would have sold it years ago.

The van has great traction in snow and ice (all wheel drive) but lacks good clearance for mud.

The van is great for hauling 8 passengers. We have taken it on a few ski trips.

The door seals are poor. You can see daylight through them when the wind blows. There isn't much one can do since the hinges are flimsy.

The van stranded me once, which is once too often. Away it goes.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2002

8th Jul 2002, 21:38

This Review is pretty well true. The Safari SLX is a great van! But like all cars it has SOME flaws. But then again it would pretty well be impossible to create a PERFECT car/truck/van. I would personally rate this review 8/10 and as for the van, 9 out of 10.

1995 GMC Safari SL from North America


The rotors rusted in January 1996.

The idler arms went in March 1998.

The water pump had to be replaced in October 7, 2001. The alternator went right after that.

The motor blew up on November 15, 2001.

The fuel injector and the fuel pump went in January 2002.

Now the van motor is racing and no one knows how to fix.


General Comments:

I think G.M.C don't make cars or vans the way they used to. That is really a bad thing for G.M.C.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2002

1995 GMC Safari Ext 4.6L from North America


Extremely comfortable, but the workmanship is poor


Sliding door jammed and fell at 9,000 miles. Dealer adjusted, but the problem came back at 10,000 miles. Then the passenger front door dropped and we had to lift it to close the door.

My biggest problem has been whenever I use the heat or air conditioning, the car runs rough and stalls. Dealer replaced the ECM at 44,000 miles. Problem surfaced again at 56,000 miles. Dealer replaced the ECM again, this time at my cost.

At 98,000 miles, all doors except the drivers, are not working properly.

Same problem.

General Comments:

This van is perfect as far as size and comfort go, for me and my 2 teenagers. Very roomy, very comfortable. This is my second Safari and despite the problems I have had with this one, I will probably buy another soon. Perfect for people like me who have back problems. easy to get in and out.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2001

18th Jun 2003, 16:43

The 1995 GMC Safari is good for people with children or for people who would like a nice van. I have two children in car seats, and one who is a teenager and it is very nice for our family. It accommodates the car seats better than my previous vehicle, which was a 2000 Dodge Durango.