5th Sep 2003, 23:04

I bought my 1996 Safari SLX new. It has 95K km, it has been running good except for some minor problems. (1) the dutch door shocks only last for 18 months. I had them changed twice, finally, I give up and use a stick to hold the door since the shocks cost C$120.00 a pair. (2) when the car accelerates, the air condition changes automatically change to come out from the bottom instead of the vent when the warranty was expired. After I release the gas a little bit, it blows out from the vent again. I took it back to the dealer and I was told that is the design not defect. I was not happy with this explanation since this did not happen when it was new. (3) the windshield wiper switch did not work about a year ago. I paid to a new one and I received a letter from GM Canada later that the windshield wiper switch was under warranty (defective) eventhough it was 6 years old. I got my money back. (4) recently, there is rattling sound under the car after the engine reaches the normal temperature. The dealer told me that it may be the converter. I decided to fix it after winter to prove if this is really the converter since I have been running with this rattling sound for 9K km. (5) the door seal is poor that I can see the sunlight at the bottom of the sliding door. Other than the above minor problem, I am happy with my Safari, especial the battery, it is the original one since 1996 and the highway gas mileage is terrific.

26th Feb 2004, 13:01

I have a 98 GMC Sub with what I believe is a defective rear wiper switch. It blows fuses repeatedly. I took it out and checked connections and reinstalled and it appeared to work after repeated testing by me.

However, the next day the fuse blew. Is this item under recall? All info that I have indicates that only the front PCB for these sub's is recalled.

If anyone can provide any advice I would greatly appreciate the same.