1997 GMC Sierra 1997 gmc z71 350 from North America


This is the best truck i've ever owned


Brake booster, transmission (2),fuel pump, water pump.

General Comments:

This is great truck even though its been through two transmissions. Would I buy this truck if I was looking at it? YES.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2005

1997 GMC Sierra SL 4.3Litre Vortec from North America


This is an excellent truck?


The water pump has been leaking for about 60000kms, before I got it. The pulley bearing in it has been whining for about 20000kms.

The front crank seal has been leaking since before I got the truck, but doesn't leak enough between oil changes to worry. If I put 5 liters in, 5000Kms later it still has 4.75 liters.

I had to replace the main rear brake line and the two on the rear axle at 100000kms, but no big deal.

I just replaced the fuel lines, both high pressure main, and return, at 140000kms. They both rusted out just off the tank at the metal crimps on the steel braided lines where they go into steel lines.

At 135000Kms the fuel pump relay blew, and when it did the ignition coil split wide open, don't ask me how. So I had to replace both of those.

I had to replace the front u-joint on the rear drive shaft, at 120000kms. It was always making a fast chirping noise when I had a load on and clanged when I was turning around in reverse.

I've had to replace the tailgate handle twice, it keeps bending and the tailgate won't open.

The transmission jerks between 1st and 2nd, but I know this is "normal" for most GM trucks. I've read the Technical Service Bulletin on this, all it needs is a valve kit. But I've been told by GM factory mechanics to just drive it, it won't hurt anything.

The timing has been out since I got the truck, and therefore has cost me a lot in fuel consumption, I'm only getting about 6-7km/liter, and I should be getting about 18km/liter.

My head lights both stopped working a while ago, and it took two days to figure out what was wrong. The 3 wire plugs were corroded so badly I had to replace them.

There was a lot of surface rust all along the rocker panels and in the wheel wells from all the salt and sand up here in the winter. I had to sand every thing out and paint it again, plus I put rust check spray over it all and finally put mud flaps on. Hopefully the truck will never rust through anywhere.

The tape deck jammed up, and the radio stopped working, so I had to replace it, but I slid in a CD player instead.

The thing that has bothered me the most is since the day I bought the truck, the gas gauge has never read properly. The needle moves, but it always reads 3/4, unless it's full, then it reads full. But usually after starting the truck about three times in a row, it will be right on for a minute, then it goes back to 3/4. I think it is the level sender, which the float attaches to.

General Comments:

My GMC 4x4 has been great, a little costly with regard to fuel consumption and repairs.

My truck has great acceleration and speed, but I can't let go of the steering wheel at high speeds, it pulls toward the ditch really bad.

The 4-wheel drive has never let me down in a bind, but 2wd has on more than one occasion.

The seats are comfortable, but I find they don't slide back far enough, as it is only regular cab and I'm quite tall.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

24th Apr 2008, 12:40

There was a re-call on the coil wire arcing. This happened to me. And as soon as it does, it shuts the fuel system down to help prevent fires. I replaced my fuel relay at first, but then discovered that it still worked later when I tried it.