1997 GMC Sierra Z-71 5.7/ 350ci from North America


A good truck for around town..


For the less than one year I have owned the truck I have had many issues with it.

The rebuilt transmission blew apart cracking the case and striping the gears. The prior rebuild looked to be of good quality... However, it just blew up one day going down the interstate.

The front drive shaft needed to be replaced due to a bad sliding joint.

The rear end blew up, this was due to the bolt shearing off the pin in the differential.

And the ignition switch went bad.

Also, the service engine soon light will come on even after all the codes have been checked and properly serviced...

The front suspension eats ball joints. I think that this may be in part due to the 4x4 nature of the truck.

Gas mileage is down the tube. Nothing that I have tried even gives me a mile per gallon back! I get about 10-13 no matter what kind of driving I do. Hard towing around town or cruising down the interstate.

General Comments:

Even though I have had many costly problem with this truck, I am still overall happy with it.

I do however warn to not drive a higher mileage truck over the road, but use it for around town. You never know when something is going to break!

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2005

1997 GMC Sierra Z71 Regular cab SLE 350 Vortec from North America


This is the best truck I've ever had


Ever since I bought my truck, it has cost me a pretty penny. The door handles were the first thing to go. I have had more than 5 put in each door.

Then the fuel pump went out. That probably went out around 100,000 miles. But, I'm sure it was expected.

Then I blew the master cylinder out. That was interesting, That went out around 120,000 miles. It cost around $200 to fix, but it was alright.

I have replaced the battery and starter several times. Those things are expected to go, eventually.

I go through U joints pretty fast. This may be caused from excess mudding. But, It's worth it.

The water pump went out on me. I was driving down the road, and my check engine light came on. My temperature gage said I was running past 260 degrees. That scared me.

I have a horrible miss in my motor. I can't figure out what is causing it. It bogs down and shoots right back up to where it needs to be. When I am driving down the road it will cut out, then come back like nothing ever happened.

The power steering pump has gone out on it. I still haven't bothered to get that fixed.

The transfer case has gone out on it. I had a friend take care of that one for me.

My exhaust is always breaking at the manifold. My exhaust has broke in the same spot, more than 5 times. I think I will invest in some new pipes, because the ones I have are pretty rusty.

My radio and CD player fried in it. That probably happened because it was old, and I always have them cranked up.

I've had problems with the pitman arm and ball joints. My mechanic told me she was glad I caught her in time, before I wrecked my truck.

And my latest trouble with it is I can't keep a transmission in it. The bell housing keeps breaking right past the linkage. I have already been through 2 of them. At $1200 a piece, it gets pretty expensive.

General Comments:

This truck is a top of the line vehicle. I wouldn't trade it for nothing.

When it runs, it runs like there's no tomorrow. I have never lost a race with it, and it is excellent in the mud.

I think is really worth the money I have spent on it.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2005

28th Feb 2005, 08:23

Hey I have owned a GMC Sierra for 4 years now and it is wonderful. I drove From Tennessee to California, with no water in the radiator. Didn't give me any problems at all. I have the same problem with the door handles. And the one thing I have to say is the old CD players were not very good. Mine went out as well. Other than that it has been a very reliable truck. Has not left me stranded yet. Even drove it 1st gear 5 miles to my friends house when the Transmission went out. Of course that was my fault because I do a lot of racing in it. I can keep up with a corvette it is a wonderful truck. Everyone of my friends that has had a chance to drive has offered me money for it. It looks horrible there is dents all up and down it and the paint is chipping around the bed, but that truck can still haul 10,000 pounds. I know cuz I have had to do it. well that is all I have to say about my truck other than it is awesome.