2008 GMC Sierra Vortec Max SLT 6.0L L76 from North America


This truck is truly professional grade!


Recall on the windshield washer fluid heater.

Driver's side window regulator was random with its operation. Dealer replaced it under warranty with no further problems.

Thin paint that chips very easily.

Sheet metal dents with minimal pressure.

General Comments:

This truck was a compromise for the diesel that I wanted. I couldn't find a diesel with the options that I wanted with a reasonable price, so I settled with the Vortec Max. Since then I haven't thought about the diesel any longer.

This truck is everything I wanted in my daily driven truck. Awesome power once the tranny nannies get out of its way.

Love the options that the SLT 2 package comes with. It's just missing the nav and sunroof. The latter I didn't want in the first place.

It tows like a half ton shouldn't.

The Active Fuel Management (AFM) takes some getting used to, but with this big motor averaging 18 mpg on the highway, I can't complain.

Like any GM truck that I've owned, the ride is plush. This truck has become the favorite of my family and friends, because of its good looks and versatility.

Some gripes:

The truck sits too low for a 4 wheel drive.

The edges of the truck are too soft in my vision, making it hard to feel the size of it. Which is larger than my 1999 Silverado.

GM's programing for torque management is too restrictive to let you enjoy all of the power the motor makes.

Truck came with trailer bake module built into the dash, but wasn't hooked up from the factory.

Climate control always defaults on outside air, even after selecting recycle before shutting it down.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2010

2008 GMC Sierra SLE 5.3L V8 from North America


Good quality exterior with poor quality interior


After having my brand new truck for about a month, the first time I turned on the fog lights, they didn't work. If I play with the switch for a long time, sometimes they'll turn on. Sometimes they won't turn off. I assume it's a bad switch. I haven't gotten fixed yet.

General Comments:

The interior is of poor quality, both the plastic and the cloth. Worst seat fabric I've ever had on a vehicle. Everything sticks to it. I can't even get all of the lint off with a shop vacuum. Can't get clean no matter how long I vacuum.

Plastic parts (doors, dash, back of seats, etc.) scratch up easily. Also, when these parts get dirt on them, I can't seem to wash it out. It leaves permanent marks. Just the bottom of kids' shoes scrape up the plastic on the back seat and smudge it all up. Looks horrible.

Definitely the poorest quality interior of any truck I've ever owned. I'm very disappointed, and as much as I hate leather, I might switch to that in my next truck because of the poor quality in my 2008 Sierra.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2009

16th Jul 2009, 10:07

I am so sorry that you have such an inferior product. I have a 2008 Sierra SLE Extended cab I bought used and it has the finest looking interior I have ever seen in a truck, The back of my back seats are cloth covered and not a scuffing marking problem. It is an Extended cab, so it may be different. The interior is plastic a lot, but the appearance is very upscale. I love my truck. Too bad you cannot dwell on the good things about yours. Enjoy.

25th Oct 2009, 19:25

This doesn't surprise me at all. The new Chevy trucks look great from the outside, real good looking truck. But, as usual, Chevy couldn't build a decent interior. I've owned Chevy's before. Their interior's are the worst I've ever seen. The trim pieces fall off (actually had one of my speakers fall out of the door when I closed it, and no I didn't slam it.) Every bump you hit is emphasized through an orchestra of squeaks and rattles from the dashboard, and if you're wearing shorts and you've got cloth seats, prepare to get itchy.

10th Apr 2010, 20:57

"I've owned Chevy's before. Their interior's are the worst I've ever seen"

Really? Because my 06 Sierra SLT has the most convenient and functional interior I have ever had in a vehicle.

30th May 2011, 08:51

If you like everything about the truck except the seats, why not just get some aftermarket ones or leather ones from GM? It would make more sense than bending over, pitching out another $25,000+ for yet another new truck, simply because of the seats.