1998 GMC Sonoma /2 door standard Vortex V6 from North America


Wouldn't buy another one


Minor gasket leaks, loose bolts, etc., while covered by warranty.

Recently, I had to replace the TCC Module (sorry, but I do not know what TCC stands for) and Encoder motor, without which the vehicle cannot engage 4-wheel drive. I understand from the dealer service department this is a common problem. Total bill for two easily installed electronic parts: over $1000. I am informed that GM is currently redesigning the Encoder motor. I hope they will take thought to the TCC module as well. I left them with their ears ringing, if that matters to them.

Limited leg room. After an hour or so, my hips begin to hurt, but I'm a fairly tall person.

Driver's side door handle has become loose.

Heater will not switch from defrost and dash vents to floor vents. Makes for very cold feet in winter. I have not inquired into repair costs for that.

Vinyl emergency brake gear broke in cold weather. About $250 to fix--I haven't.

Poor handling on curves compared to heavier vehicles.

General Comments:

About 20 mpg. Usually reliable other than the items mentioned above. Good at starting in very cold weather.

Because it is a short, stubby thing, the 4WD doesn't help a lot in deep snow. The truck just sits there on the snow bank and spins its silly little wheels impotently.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2003

3rd Feb 2004, 17:09

If You are "Spinning Its Silly Little Wheels" it is because YOU haven't put the money into a good pair of tires. You should try some Bridgestone Dueler M/T tires. I promise you won't spin your tires anymore!!!

1998 GMC Sonoma highrider 4.3 vortec V6 from North America


Don't buy it, get a z71, it's a piece


Gas mileage sucks. Gets about 14.5 city driving, and probably about 19, if your lucky on the highway.

Something keeps popping in the front end.

Right wheel has a ringing sound in it. Sorta like a metal ring was swinging round and round on a bar.

Differentials are always needing work on them.

General Comments:

This truck is a piece. I despise it.

You cannot do anything to this truck. Suspensions cost twice, sometimes three times as much as a Toyota.

A power chip can't be purchased for my truck.

Almost no lifts can be put on under a reasonable price. (12000-15000 for a 5" suspension, and a 3" PA body lift to fit 35's)

My truck bottoms out all the time.

The power is a joke.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2003

1998 GMC Sonoma SLS 2.2L from North America


A feature packed entry level truck designed for the city boy with a country soul


The front U-Joint had to be replaced at 75,000 Miles.

The finish scratches easily.

The lumbar support know broke when I over twisted it.

The emergency break pedal gets stuck, so I must push the pedal while pulling the emergency break release.

General Comments:

The truck handles well in the summer, but lacks traction in the snow.

The Anti-Lock Brake System is very good in the snow letting the truck spin out only on glare ice.

The gas mileage is incredible in the city averaging 24-28 in the city on 89 octane.

There is excessive road noise.

The stereo system is incredible for a factory system, especially the "Auto Volume System" which turns up and down the volume as you accelerate.

The retained power is a very convenient feature.

The headlight system is set a little late for driving in rain (meaning that if it is a dreary day, I normally have to turn on my headlights manually about 10 to 15 minutes before the sensor detects they should be on).

The 5 speed stick is very responsive and allows for full use of engine power.

The cabin lighting system is designed very well; almost every area (including the foot wells) is lit.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2003

26th Oct 2005, 08:54

Or a Country Girl.

1998 GMC Sonoma SL 2.2L 4 cylinder. from North America


A versatile truck for work or play


The windshield wiper motor operates erratically. It appears to be a problem with the connection at the wiring harness, as wiggling this connection will provide intermittent service.

The seat back adjuster handle has broken off.

The visor vanity mirror flaps have very weak hinge connections which have snapped.

The locking linkage in the passenger door has a plastic guide which has broken and impaired the use of the manual lock.

As with many GM vehicles, the door hinge pins wear prematurely, causing the doors to sag.

General Comments:

The 1998 interior is a great improvement ergonomically over the 1994-1997 S-series trucks. The door handles and dashboard layout show competence on the part of Chevy/GMC designers.

The 2.2L engine is a bit small for a truck rated at 1/2 ton capacity, but relatively speaking, this little 120-horse engine packs a punch. The gas mileage makes the lack of power worthwhile.

The 5-speed transmission shifts well and seems to be geared appropriately for this truck. The only problem I have had is trying to shift into first while decelerating at speeds where second gear may lug the engine.

The handling is quite refined, yet it retains the danger of losing rear traction like so many light trucks.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2002

15th Jul 2004, 21:10

Good review... we have a 98 Sonoma SL as well second hand bought with 60,000 + KM on it Canadian eh? :)

At any rate...

Yes, problems with the wipers and our seat handle broke off as well.

Our main problem at the moment is trying to get more power out of the 4 Cyl eng. It sucks big time on steep inclined highways... putters along nicely in the city tho.

Dave and Sue Williams.

6th Jul 2005, 02:59

I also have the 1998 sanoma with the 2.2L. I have a auto trany and I have no problem with power even when I pull my jet ski with it. If you really want to put the money into it you can get the bigger differential put in. I was lucky enough to find one with the 4:10 differential. The only problem with this though is that I get only 18 mpg city with it at most.