2002 GMC Sonoma ZR2 4.3 from North America


B E A Utiful!


Minor repairs: All under warranty

New Battery

Lower window seals popping up (3 times)

X Cab window seal cracked

CV Boot leak

Fuel return line clip (had truck towed)

One apparently recurring issue (so I'm told) with rear disk brakes, right inner pad goes fast and ceramic pads are not cheap at $165 a set.

General Comments:

If you're looking for a sport truck, don't buy this one. However, if you want a new off road machine without having to shell out extra to make it useful, the ZR2 is the right choice.

I've put 50000k's on in the last 14 months, and I wouldn't want to do it in any other truck. Comfortable and small enough for around town, but has a big mean truck feel.

Looks awesome and gets alot of looks with fiberglass ram air hood, huge stereo system, and aftermarket rims and tires (still running 31's). Add a K&N for a little extra boost!

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Review Date: 25th August, 2004

27th Nov 2004, 13:46

Just a little update, my 02 ZR2 now has a snapped frame on l side and spider crackes on r side. It has NOT been abused be any means. It's going to GM this week so we'll see what happens. If your going to buy one, make sure to take a look first. I've come accross other instances of where this has happened.

15th Jan 2005, 14:49

I've had my '03 sonoma zr2 for over a year with over 20k miles, and have had no problems. I love the truck, and wouldn't trade it for anything! I even put on a 2 inch body lift! I plan to replace the 31 inch stocks to 33 inch meats. overall the truck does all that I would want it to do. its mean in the mud, and pulls like a mule. Thanks GMC for making a great truck!

1st Jun 2007, 10:46

I have a 2000 ZR2 Blazer, and I love it. I have a 40 series Flow Master with dual exits. I want to get more info on after market hoods and stuff like that. please email me with info. Thanks and you have a great site.

16th Jan 2008, 02:02

I have had my '03 sonoma ZR2 for about 3 years now. About a month or so after purchase I also have noticed that my frame was cracked on both the left and right sides. I took it to the dealer and he told me it's from abuse although I have never abused it in any way. It's a great truck, but I guess it's got too much power for the frame (LOL).

2002 GMC Sonoma 4 wheel drive from North America


Sturdy and generally dependable


I have had difficulty starting this vehicle 5 times. It has required towing to the dealership, only to be told there is nothing wrong. It seems to have this problem when the weather is inclement-rain or blowing snow.

The dash board lights will flicker off and on occasionally-very random.

General Comments:

The only change I would make to this model is to have power seats. It's difficult to find a comfortable position when the seat can't be raised.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2004

2002 GMC Sonoma Crew cab 4 Door 4x4 3.4V from North America


Great vehicle and I will buy another, but I will look for these problems next time


The paint chips easily.

The drivers side seat leaver broke off. This design has no strength.

There is a grinding noise in the rear end and the passenger side rear end hub seal is leaking.

General Comments:

Love the 4 doors, and the room inside.

Truck handles very well on and off road.

For a small truck the gas mileage is not very good at all. 14 to 17 MPG all the time.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2004

29th Jun 2004, 17:41

I bought my 2002 GM Sonoma in May 02, 2 months after my sister bought hers. We bought them at the same dealer. She has water in her differential. She is 7000 miles over warranty, but dealer is working to pay part of the cost.

I had water in my differential in May 03. Work done under warranty, including new axles. June of 04 I had water in differential again (looks like chocolate milk according to dealer), e brake pads soaked with oil, both seals bad, axle had to be replaced AGAIN! Cost? $1093.64. I am trying to get GM to make it right. I will dump this truck as soon as I get it out of the shop and never buy GM again.

29th Jan 2005, 14:07

I experienced water in the differential of my 02' crew cab as well. The rear pinion seal went first at 25,000 miles. The dealer claimed I submerged the rear end of the vehicle and therefore it would not be covered under the warranty. I argued the case to GM Customer Service after the vehicle was returned to the dealer 5 times, 3 of which the vehicle had to be towed in. After a lot of time spent on the phone and sitting in the dealers waiting room, GM replaced the whole rear end brakes and all, it ended up being 5 grand in parts and labor when it was said and done, all covered under the warranty. In my experience I praise GM for going out of their way to satisfy me and blame the dealer for the poor service.

11th Nov 2010, 12:03

I'm a licensed mechanic so I know this truck inside and out. These are some issues that are very common on these truck and that I've seen on my own Sonoma.

The truck eats front wheel bearings.

Recline seat handle broke off (very, very weak. I've seen the exact same thing on three other Sonomas).

Noisy rear end.

3rd door hinges very weak and squeak.

Bad gas mileage.

Wouldn't buy another one and I love GM.

Don't buy the Ford Rangers either, they have a very badly designed engine.