24th Oct 2006, 19:13

My 96 GMC Suburban has a dome light problem. Can not seem to find out why the dome light will not come on. The ceiling spots can be controlled. The lights low under the dash come on, but the center and rear dome light will not work.

The dome bulbs have already been replaced with new ones.

1st Jan 2009, 08:33

My anti-lock brake light will come on and the transmission will slip and will not shift. When light goes out transmission operates fine. Has anybody experienced this? I am wondering if it is in the computer controls? It is a 97 GMC Suburban.

4th Oct 2012, 23:06

Same problem here; it was the dome light button next to the headlight switch. Make sure it is in the out position.

4th Dec 2014, 20:11

I own a 1994 Suburban 6.5 TD. The average I get is 12-15. I have an aftermarket PMD with the #9+ resistor and a modified exhaust (four inch with a cherry bomb muffler) and a K&N low restriction air intake set up. It's got tons of power, but won't get much better. The jerk I bought it from claimed 20 MPG. I've never seen that.

6th Dec 2014, 00:14

I have a lifted 4x4 1988 Suburban with a 6.2 diesel. It gets amazing mileage for that size of truck, 15-20 MPG depending on conditions. I do run Diesel Kleen and Stanadyne fuel additives every 3rd time I fill up; supposedly that helps mileage too. Either way, the Suburban is an amazing truck; practical, reliable, simple to fix, and built like a tank.

5th Jan 2015, 05:00

My 1997 SLT has the same problem. It's the button when you open the door.

11th Jan 2016, 15:50

I had a 6.5 turbo diesel. It was a 93 GMC 3500 dually extended cab. Only drove it in town with a lead foot and got 11 MPG only. It originally had a 6.2, but it had been replaced with the 6.5.