1999 GMC Yukon LX from North America


I love the car and have no other problems


Since June 28, 2006 (232,000 miles) I could hear, coming from the steering column area, a sound identical to my turn signal being on. When I do engage the turn signal either right or left, I only hear the usual turn signal sound, but when I disengage the turn signal the sound is still there (the sound of the blinking). It is constantly on. The only time it goes away is when I depress the brakes. When I engage the hazard warning flashers the turn-signal sound problem goes away and all I hear is the hazard warning flashers so that seems to be working correctly. There are no warning lights lit up on the console. Any ideas?

When I bought the car two years ago the previous owner explained that the electric door locks do not work on any doors except the driver's door and that has been the case ever since, except that about one in ten times ALL doors actually do unlock with I use my remote key entry. All doors do LOCK as they should when I use my remote key entry so it's only the unlocking "wiring" that almost never works. The original owner told me that ever since she had the front windshield replaced the unlocking mechanism has not worked properly. Is this somehow related to the "turn signal" problem I'm now having? Is the electrical system giving out?

General Comments:

Electric seats, warmers, radio and all other electrical devices work just fine.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2006

24th Jul 2006, 20:15

I have this problem with a 2000 Yukon XL I just bought. The blinking sound does not stop, even after I replaced the blinker box behind the fuse box. Any idea why it does this? It is driving me crazy.

1999 GMC Yukon SLE 5.7 from North America


I think the vehicle itself would be great, but our particular one feels like a lemon!!!


Rear door power lock works at random.

Drivers side door bushings actually broke.

Heater fan switch has gone out twice in 8 months.

Recharged AC twice.

Battery terminal wire needed replacing.

Belt tensioner went out.

Replaced radiator.

Brake calipers stick in the front.

Rear door leaks.

Front axle seals leaking.

Rear main seal leaking.

Fuel pump buzzing excessively loud.

Clunky feel when stepping on the gas More feeling than noise.

Won't shift correctly when you step on it from a dead stop etc. (let off gas to get it to shift)

ABS brakes makes odd grinding noise when you stomp on the brakes.

Step on brake and the steering pulsates badly.

General Comments:

It seems the GM made 5.7 has serious acceleration compared to everything else we test drove.

Quite stable in higher speed corners.

Easier for a tall guy to hop in and out of than a 2000 expedition we drove.

Like the push button neutral mode for towing.

The rear door windows don't go down far enough.

Not real car seat friendly, for us anyway.

Lack of the overhead vents for the rear seat made it difficult to keep a baby warm without roasting out the people in front.

Like the push button on the fly 4 wheel drive, with auto 4 wheel drive.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2006

1999 GMC Yukon Denali 5.7L V8 350CI from North America


Rides magnificent-Like an Escalade :). However with minor problems. 135000 miles though.


Intake manifold Gasket at 127000 miles (I knew this when I bought it)

Driver side heated seat at 127000 (no biggie)

The engine leaks a little oil out of the rubber lines (Very common among 4.3L and 5.7L (350) GM motors) at 127000. Main Seals are still good.

Steering hub is loose-needs replaced- in which I haven't done yet. I'll get to it this summer.

The Rear drive-shaft slip yoke went bad (So they thought)

General Comments:

Overall, good vehicle; Especially when comparing to a price tag of the Cadillac Escalade which is the same exact vehicle in 1999, expect the logos and front end) for about a price tag of $3000 less.

In referral to the slip yoke, Every time I come to a stop I get a vibration upon the full stop. It also shakes and (clinks) as soon as I let off of the brake. I thought it was my U-Joints. Replaced those to no luck. I took the vehicle to the dealer after beating myself up. To which they put grease in the Slip yoke that attaches to the rear drive shaft on the transmission (transfer case) end. To which it fixed for about 300 miles. I put a micrometer on both the old and new slip yokes to find the splines where both the same size within.0009 of an inch. Less than 1/1000. Before installing I called the Dealership and they said that it was the problem even if they measured the same size. So, I decided to replace to no luck. I still have the problem today with no Bulletins or anyone around being able to figure out what the problem is.

This is the Wife's vehicle and as long as I'm around to fix the Minor problems that pop-up from time to time. She's happy with it. Say's she would only trade it for a Toyota 4-runner and that's it.--Keep dreaming.-American all the way. Especially when buying parts. :-)

Hate the 10-16 MPG gas.-- Give some take some :-)

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2004

12th May 2004, 22:34

Note to the editor: I'm very happy with the vehicle. :-)

13th Jan 2006, 07:08

I have a 1999 Denali. I have had problems since the beginning. I have replaced the starter, fuel pump, brakes all around, and the spark plug wires. I have also have noises in the engine, steering column and underneath the vehicle that no one seems to be able to figure out.

Now I have electrical problems on top of that. Neither the heated seats nor the heater works. The radio, windshield wipers, and windows work when they want. Now the engine light is on after a tune up. If anyone else is having the same problems please let me know.