2002 Holden Astra CD 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Rear brakes started to exhibit a unusual groaning (not a squeal) sound when applied at slow speed. This one week after purchase. Returned to dealer, their fix - remove glazing on pads and discs!! The car had 40km!! Covered 350km and noise is back and much worse. Returned to dealer, who attempted to tell me it was caused by feathering the brakes, which is totally incorrect,and other excuses, they have no idea. I thought was a handbrake problem. Problem rectified by taking the edge off the pads and deglazing discs - No glaze on them. Glueing the pads in place to the calipers!! Also had to have the handbrake adjusted as was too tight!! Was told by service staff that what they did the second time should have been done the first time, ie a little bit more effort taken to do the job correctly in the first place

Sound has returned. Not happy!!! Has anybody had any problems with brake noise from the rear?

General Comments:

Other than above problems the car great to drive, and comfortable. Good value compared to VW and Peuoget which I looked at. Can see why they are so popular. Although I have had these frustrating problems, I do recommend the car.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2002

14th Jun 2002, 00:56

Purchased a brand new Holden Astra CD Hatch as part of my companies Holden fleet (50+ cars). Started to hear a terrible sound from the rear brakes after 700kms. Went in for an early service and was told it's a common problem and they'd fixed all the brakes. Less than 400km later and it returned - only worse. Same story. Its highly embarrassing to take clients out only to have our conversation interrupted with this terrible sound. The car has only done 1700kms and its about to go in for its 3rd repair.

I will never buy another Holden and unless I get a changeover (if it happens again), I will do everything in my power to ensure our company uses another car manufacturer for our fleet.

Darren Stein, Sydney Australia.