2002 Holden Astra CD 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


A work of art


Rear calipers have had to have a dampener pack put on to prevent groaning when I brake in reverse.

General Comments:

The car glides over bumps in the road ignoring their mere existance. I feel like I'm driving a luxury limosine.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2004

5th Dec 2012, 22:25

A work of art you say! Astras are as plain as arrowroot biscuits.

6th Dec 2012, 13:05

You will notice that the review was done in 2004... when the car was only, what, 3 years old?

2002 Holden Astra CD 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


If I was buying it all over again, I'd buy something else


Dent in the B pillar noticed when got home from picking up the car. so my brand new car had to go to the panel beaters.

Brakes squealing not long after picking it up. dampers were fitted which quietened it down. but still squeaks so I have to get a pin kit put in it now.

Rear windscreen wiper misses the middle of the screen. been in twice to be fixed and still is not.

Boot rattles. got rattle fixed at 1500km then boot wouldn't shut. got that fixed and the rattle is worse than ever!

Rear seat has a mark on it from the plastic they apparently used on delivery. Is not fixed as yet.

Rear door needed adjusting.

General Comments:

After this experience I would never buy another holden again.

$273 for its first 15000km service on a brand new car is a joke.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2003

29th Sep 2003, 05:58

Agree with your comments. Next time I'm buying a Mazda, or Subaru!!!

6th Dec 2003, 22:12

Take a look at other peoples comments, and hear what people have to say about the astra. Don't you see? 99% of people are VERY happy with theirs. Then go take a look at the Subas and Mazdas, they are complete crap after looking at the astra!

13th Dec 2005, 21:31

In response to the person who claims 99% of Holden Astra owners are happy, perhaps you should do some more research!! Since owning my Astra from new, I have been astounded by the number of people with similar complaints to mine!

To compare Holden to Mazda or Subaru is a JOKE!

2002 Holden Astra CD 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A great car for the money and hard to go past


Good quality and reliability. However two faults are worth noting - the first was a rattle in the driver's door which was fixed by the dealer no problem at the 1500km service. The second was the rear disk brakes that emitted a loud howl when initially applied when the car was in reverse. This was akin to an air-raid siren and people in the street would turn to see where the noise was coming from - most embarrassing. When I initially told the dealer they were reluctant to do anything (surprise surprise) and I initially thought I'd have to accept it as a quirk of the car. I happened to mention the problem again to a different technician at a subsequent service and was put on a waiting list to have what were called "brake dampers" fitted. To the dealer's credit they phoned me about 6 weeks later (no prompting required) and had then fitted for free under warranty and the problem has been fixed.

General Comments:

The car makes for great point to point driving and has a surprising amount of performance on the open road. The cars high kerb mass makes initial acceleration less than the others in the class though - solid construction comes at a price. The seats could be better as you feel like you're sitting on them rather than in them especially on a long trip. However, it has one of the best standard audio systems in a car of this price and the outside air temperature gauge is useful for when driving in winter.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2003

22nd Oct 2005, 23:35

I also have this loud groan coming from the rear or our '03 Barina. I have done a little research and there is very little difference between the Astra and Barina's braking system. Both have ventilated discs on the front and discs on the back. Have you or Holden solved this fault? Please help!

5th Nov 2005, 23:26

I had an interesting problem with the rear brakes on my '01 Astra. Ever since new the car has had this strange rattle when you drive over less than smooth roads, I have finally traced the problem too the rear pad carrier assembly. As the brakes have no dampers fitted from new, the pads, over a period of time, wear the carrier which allows the pads to slip up and down thus rattling. The fix, get the dampers fitted next service.