1st Nov 2002, 22:32

I own a 2001 Astra TS City 3 door. The car only has 12500km on it, the brakes (at various temps) squeal when applying them, I took the car to Holden and they offered to replace the current pads with a softer, up-dated brake pad, but I'm worried if I go softer, they will wear a lot quicker and also produce more brake dust, and already have plenty of that???

When i bought the car it wasn't fitted with a single CD player, my hand book and even Holden says that it sould have came with one, but they said it is too late to replace it now!!! Considering they cost around $800.00 to replace, I'll have to stick with the tape player. DAMN!

12th Dec 2002, 13:40

Thanks to all the participant to the thread as comments proved to be invaluable to tracking down possible problems with my brand new Astra. At first I thought it may have been my driving style, but it seems it's a genuine error by Opel. It's a bit of a shame as otherwise the car, minus minor annoyances (e.g. heavy doors) is a great small/medium car well suited for city driving.

I've purchased a new Astra Hatch in August and all went well until the rear brake sounds has emerged. Similarly to comments above it started in reverse gear. The car hasn't even traveled 2000km yet. So I took it straight to the dealers. The person there proceeded to ask if "dampeners" were fitted to the car yet? And since of course they haven't (it was brand new) offered to do so. Picked the car up next day :) So far so good after 1 week. We will see if the sound comes back after some more mileage.

Boris Feldman, Sydney, Australia.

6th Feb 2003, 21:00

My husband and I bought our 2002 Astra Equipe in May, we too had the "moaning" sound whilst reversing. I really do think "Injured Wookie" is a better description of the sounds that come from the rear end of the car. We returned the car a number of times to correct this problem, on the 4th visit we were told they had ordered dampening calipers for us.

Now the car sounds like a sedated injured wookie whilst in reverse. The sound no longer resonates throughout our parking lot when we're parking.

What gets me is that Holden could have just told the truth the first time and said that it was a known fault and the replacement parts are on order. Doesn't make us want to continue our service schedule through Holden.

Otherwise the Astra is a great car!

7th Feb 2003, 00:03

An update on the rear brake problem with the Kiwi Astra. My local dealer offered the handbrake linkage modification which is intended to solve this problem, but has now advised that GM will fit new rear brake calipers to my car under warranty.

It seems that GM/Opel is reverting to the original make/type of caliper that was used before the switch to the new type which has caused the noise problems. If you have been given the linkage "fix" it may have been a temporary measure - you may wish to inquire about getting a set of new (old style) rear brake calipers.

21st Feb 2003, 05:41

Great to see my original thread has returned. Many thanks to the last writer about the reversion to the older style calipers. I have had my vehicle about a year now and the sound has recently returned and it is very loud. The car is due for its service shortly and I will ask Holden to put the older style calipers on. Car manufactures' are loathed to tell the public about problems as it is bad PR, especially when you are the number 2 selling vehicle it that class. In Australia in 2002, they sold 25,000+.

25th Feb 2003, 19:39

Another update on the Kiwi Astra. My car has now been fitted with new rear brake calipers by my local GM dealer. The new calipers are made by Bosch and look quite different to those which caused the noise problem. This appears to have solved the problem - there is now no noise from the rear brakes other than the usual "click" when the brakes are applied while moving in reverse and the pads adjust to being dragged backward. I have compared the new calipers with those fitted to a 2000 Astra and they appear to be identical - so it seems that GM/Opel has solved the problem by reverting to the original type. Braking performance appears to be unaffected.

26th Feb 2003, 04:58

Bosch was the original calipers on the Astra, the Holden dealer told me that they then went to Lucas. I shall look forward to confronting the dealer with your brake fix.

2nd Apr 2003, 05:34

Can believe it's been a year or so since I originally commented on the brake squeal. I have just had my first service and had the following problems fixed or well sort of.

Creaky drivers door, common problem - the solution, replace all the door latches, the gold colour ones are not the correct size. They have been replaced by off silver coloured ones. They dealer has applied lots of blue lube to the joints. So far, no noise!

Trim noises, dealer said he has found a few noises and had them fixed, that was very proactive of them. I had a few noises, but was living with them, pity they spoiled the party by dropping something down the air vent. Sounds like a marble rolling around in the dash whenever I accelerate or slow down!!

Did mention that I should have the gear lever boot replaced as makes a hell of a noise - cheap vinal.

The REAR BRAKES -updated with the latest factory fix - still sounds like a crook wookie. Oh dear.

29th Apr 2003, 05:32

I bought a 2000 model Irish model OPEL ASTRA this year and after approx 700km I started hearing the squeal from the rear brakes. This only starts after 15km of driving so maybe it's a temp related issue. I took it back to the outfit I bought it from (not an OPEL Dealer). They did the grease trick mentioned earlier and I drove away confident that this fixed the problem. But after 2000kms it started back again. Took to different guy, but he could not see the problem. Seeing the comments above Helps although built in different plants there is probably the same problems.

Has Holden's solution permanently fixed the issue?


Limerick, Ireland.

8th Dec 2003, 00:52

Just a quick comment about the problem of cam belt failure. It would be hard for the 2.2L engine to have cam belt failure as it does not have one! The 1.8 has a cam belt, however the 2.2 has a more reliable, but noisier cam chain. I wish my 1.8 Astra had a cam chain as a belt change every 60,000 is well below the norm.

3rd Jan 2004, 19:49

Well after nearly two years of ownership and starting this tread, I have sold the car. In summary a great car, but I feel that in my case too many small things that should never have gone wrong have and I think I'll now look at the new Honda Euro, Mazda 6 or new Liberty. At least they are easy to sell as they are so many around and a very popular second hand.