6th Mar 2006, 16:36

Recently purchased an Astra 2002 CD 5 door model a few weeks ago. Have been very happy with it, the car drives very well, that was until the dreaded squealing noise started! It didn't sound like a brake noise, because it's continuously happening, not only when the brakes are applied, or not in reverse like some earlier posts. The car has about 70,000klms, I've visually checked the brakes and the pads look very thin, so I suspect they will have to be replaced.

Before purchasing this car I did a bit of research and found out about the brake problem, I just wasn't prepared for such a noise, I thought I would perhaps get the usual squeal when applying the brakes. But in this instance, it sounds like the pads are continuously rubbing against the discs. Quite annoying driving around with that noise echoing around everywhere.

I took it back to the dealer I bought it from, and of course the first thing I was told is that the brakes are not part of the warranty, they're a wear and tear item. The car is no longer under manufacturer's warranty so I hope it won't be too much to fix this.

I can imagine this could be a number of problems. 1. the brakes pads need replacing, 2. the discs need replacing as well, 3. dampeners need to be fitted?

Now can anyone comment whether this particular fix posted on a previous post: “The fix is to replace the linkage between the handbrake cable and the rear brake calipers.” Is what's needed to fix this problem?

I appreciate any feedback given on this.

27th Apr 2006, 05:49

A certain frequency noise is submitted through the car mainly when the brakes are applied in reverse. The first fix attempt was to chamfer the brake pad edges. Soon these pads were a standard fit & the noise was still a problem. Dampeners were then fitted to Lucas type calipers where the hand brake cable attaches. This in most cases failed to cut out the correct frequency noise.

Latest repair is fitment of a caliper sliding pin dampener kit. Claims to dramatically reduce the noise...

1st Jan 2007, 20:27

Hi all.

I must say a big thanks for everyone that has posted on this thread - I'm about to buy a 2002 Astra (5-door hatch, manual) from the local Holden dealer. It has 46,000Kms so I'll be looking very closely at the condition of the brakes, asking about the timing chain, and checking the conditions on the warranty.

I've only every owned Holden's and Mitsubishi's. In my VT SS I couldn't get rid of brake squeal either. I understand this squeal is probably a very different one to Astra brake problem you've all described. Anyway, I fixed the problem by replacing the pads with a quality non-Holden part - Bendix (available at Rep-co).

Thanks for your input, especially since some advice has come from frustration and costly experiences.


Alice Springs, Australia.

20th Mar 2007, 00:04

Help! I have a 2nd hand 2003 Astra. Have complained that the brakes felt spongy and were squeaking since buying it (I used to work at the dealership I purchased the vehicle from). I have had 2 services and have returned the vehicle twice for assessment. After spending high amounts of money for them to diagnose the problem only to be told that there was a build up of brake dust on the calipers, I found out today that my rear brake rotors are glazed and require machining and that the front rotors require replacement!! The odd thing is that the pads are fine, it's just the rotors that are stuffed..

Has anyone else heard of this happening??

21st Jun 2009, 00:14

We have the same problem with our Astra CD 2004 model. We have taken it to our mechanic several times, and the response we got was that this is a common problem with the Holden Astra..

Has anyone successfully fix the squeaking brake problem? Can you please share the name of the mechanic and where they are. Obviously it will be good if they can guarantee that they can fix it..

18th Apr 2011, 22:04

If your brake pads are low, there usually is an indicator on your pads that will scrape on your rotors to let you know it's time to change them. That noise is a squeaking scraping sound, and could be your problem. Cheers.