7th Aug 2014, 21:13

I am having the same issue, and coincidentally my name is Amy also... I have a 2004 Holden Astra with the same issue and have been advised of the same course of action - to replace the computer. Any advice?

8th Sep 2014, 04:44

Same problem with my 2002 Astra. Have had it at mechanics for a month now and to no avail. So I have to bite the bullet and take it into Holden. A lot of money to spend, but I need a car grr.

21st Sep 2014, 00:10

I have a 2004 CDX TS. I shopped around for a good mechanic and had the computer replaced for $1600 all up. Apart from some other wear and tear issues, the car has been great. As it's still in pretty good condition, I'm wondering if it's worth making more repairs and keeping the car longer. Anyone else done this e.g. suspension, resprays etc?

23rd Jun 2015, 06:48

Our TS Astra is just magic, except that I did-in the cam belt - my fault, I knew it was going, but not yet at 120k (recommended change time, in the book anyway). I put it off (silly me).

Had some real issues with idle - slow to come back, and then nearly stalled if "kicked". Found out about the mass air sensor, and cleaning with the correct spray can stuff fixed it.

Be aware that the car slips into neutral when stationary in-gear and foot on the brake (fuel saving feature - I hate it). Can lead to uncertainty, and you need to anticipate departure so you can slip off the brake for a gentle re-engagement. I need to take off the throttle body to fix rough idle and check that the inlet bolts are tight.

Oh, and I did have some troubles with oil leaking into the spark plug holes, as my parts place kept selling me gaskets that were not deep enough - finally they sold me a better one that fixed it.

The only other problem for me (being an old codger with a dodgy back) is the rough ride - not at all like the magical Statesman I had before.