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12th Dec 2011, 16:38

My S light flashes on and off, and when you press the power button, it doesn't stop it.

6th Jan 2012, 01:54

The S light comes on as it is in SNOW MODE. You need to turn on your car and let it run to get warm before you put it into gear.

17th Jan 2012, 02:05

Your radiator may be blocked or the thermostat may be stuck. Check the thermo, and if it's working fine, flush the radiator or replace.

9th Feb 2012, 17:40

I have a manual 98 Barina Swing, and the clutch is not coming back up. Can anyone tell me if I have to put clutch fluid in, and where do I put it in? The manual book does not tell me, or could it be the clutch plate has had it, or is it something different I'm missing? Any ideas, as I'm stuck big time.

24th Mar 2012, 07:48

I just brought my daughter a 1995 Holden Barina Swing, which I am very disappointed with.

It is going in for a service next week. We have had the exhaust replaced, and now find that the radio, air conditioning, horn and speedometer are not working.

The temperature goes up to 100 deg and over whilst driving short distances, and when waiting at lights etc.

We just installed a new CD player, but that isn't working either. Now we have to take it to an auto electrician to find out if the speakers are not working.

I wonder if there are others as fortunate as you, to have no complaints with the Holden Barina.

Do you still have your owners manual? Would you be willing to send me a copy or advise where I might be able to purchase one?

Thanks, Denise.

19th May 2012, 18:09

New thermostat needed.

11th Jun 2012, 03:18

I have the same problem... :(

22nd Jul 2012, 20:40


I have the same problem. The fan doesn't appear to come on when it should (i.e. idling in traffic).

Did you find a solution for your problem?


14th Oct 2012, 17:05

If you check your fuses, you will find one is broken. This happened to my car 4 weeks ago.

Regards R.

16th Oct 2012, 02:38

I have the exact same issue. D: Same car, too. Except mine's a 96 model.

Is yours revving really high, but the car is moving really sluggishly? Almost like the car is partially in neutral?

10th Nov 2012, 23:15

I have a 97 Barina Swing auto. I've had it for 8 years, and it had been running fine until about a year ago. I admit I haven't serviced it often, but I think the problem is not because of that.

First, the engine light comes on after starting the car, and that's if the car starts. If it does start, it sometimes revs high, then levels out and I can drive it, but for how long is up to the car. Sometimes it will go into gear, and stall straightaway and not restart, and sometimes it will drive fine, and can be turned off and start again fine, or it might not start again at all. The problem is intermittent, which makes it hard to pin point. It has had a service and some sensors changed recently, but it's still the same. I don't know what to do; if I should keep trying or write it off? Can I put in a new engine?

Thanks for any help and tips.

7th Jan 2013, 22:55

I had same problem. Had to go thru the elimination process; checked thermo fan, bought new thermo sensor on radiator, then bought a new radiator, then finally replaced thermostat, which was a pain as it is behind the timing belt, so had to remove that. Finally it was fixed. The problem is it's hard to know where to start first. The radiator fan should kick in at 92.5°, not 100, as it may say in some manuals. Hope this helps!

7th Jan 2013, 23:00

Check the distributor cap if it has one; it may not be sealing properly, allowing moisture and condensation in when it rains. This was the problem I found on mine. Good luck.

9th Mar 2013, 20:18

Not sure about your car, but my 95 Barina City runs rough just being stationary after rain, parked overnight for example. Then when it warms up after 5-10 minutes, all is OK.

P.S. I'm a mechanic (diesel) and can't work it out.

31st Oct 2013, 22:51

I have a 95 Holden Barina Swing. The engine light comes on and doesn't go off until you start it again. I bought this for my daughter for 2000 dollars. The guy stated it was a reliable car, but I have since spent 1000 on the cam lobes, as they had a problem, and now the engine light keeps coming on. I'm trying to resell the car now, but can't seem to get rid of this engine light. Any help?

11th Jan 2014, 05:25

I had a problem where my SB Barina would stutter when raining. Found it by misting water into the engine at night. Could see arcing between the spark leads and metal casing. Changed spark leads; problem fixed.

3rd Feb 2014, 19:26

My thermo fan for my 1995 Holden Barina Swing doesn't work. It gets really hot really quick. I know it could be a number of things. Just sitting at lights for a moment would get it up to 100C. Could someone tell me a way that I can fix it?

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