23rd Jul 2008, 01:05

I've owned a VT for over three years and it just clocked 270,000 km. In the last two weeks it had a failed Body Control Module communication with the key, a problem that was re-set by the qualified mechanic with his laptop and cable (and a new key), and then a dead fuel pump. The total cost (including towing) came to a tad over $1000 (I live in the country, so the mileage factor comes into it's own). Expensive as that may seem it really isn't too bad overall. I have run up around 100,000 km whilst returning around 9.25 l per 100km of country driving at 1000m and higher elevations (yes, it does make a difference). It's comfortable for my big frame and reasonably quiet - great for long trips. On one long run to Brisbane with a 19' kayak strapped to the not-so-aerodynamic roof bars I recorded 8.75 l per 100km, until I hit the hills of New England. Remarkable.

Regards the leaking boot syndrome, it is a Holden assembly stuff up that can be easily rectified. If you look at the bottom sill on the boot hatch you will see a pair of small dimples formed in the sheet-metal, towards the outer edges. They are almost certainly filled with sealant and, as they are supposed to be the drainage vents, you will have to clear them out with a bit of wire or a drill. While you are at it, drill a few more holes towards the centre of the sill to make sure all the water drains completely.

5th Aug 2008, 23:17

I have a VT berlina that has 180 000kms on the clock, I am a mechanic and therefore am expecting most of the problems you all have experienced. Basically, you all own cars that have high kms and are around 10 years old, so talking to someone about common problems with this model before buying, seems an absolute must to me. Probably wouldn't hurt to make friends with a mechanic now that you have bought lemons. Seems to be that only the people with very limited mechanical knowledge are the ones that have all the problems, perhaps your mechanics are taking advantage of the situation.

11th Aug 2008, 05:04

VT Series 1 Water leak passenger side floor... if it isn't your Heater core, try the sill drainage holes. Water can make it in through a 1 inch size rubber grommet mounted vertically on the sill near the ECU.

26th Aug 2008, 07:13

I have owned a 1998 VT since new.

Have had problems with what I thought was the fuel pump. After removing the tank and pump, I find that the wiring inside the tank was burnt and fused together. Would you believe this was/is a common problem with VT replaced wiring, and car runs well now.

It has this standard leak in the power steering, wobble and shimmy in steering, but no leaks any where except those annoying drips when I open the boot.

28th Aug 2008, 03:17

I have owned a 1999 VT Berlina for almost a year now and I'm already experiencing problems like all the lights go on on the dash randomly (ABS Airbag oil etc), diff whines though I think that might be from the previous owner, and the interior trim around the seats keeps breaking. Other than that it's a good car.

Doesn't chew juice anymore since I put an performance air filter on it and chipped the air intake sensor.

2nd Sep 2008, 05:46

I have an 1998 Series I VT Exec. 230000km total. No mods. I have replaced the power steering completely recently. Idle pulleys, brake rotors and caliper guides, sway bar mounts & links and a set of shocks at 120000km. I haven't had any trouble with trims apart from someone kicking in the front passenger speaker grill. I get only 12 litres per 100km around town, but not many people are getting away from the lights with me. I get up to 900km per tank on the open road, but only when it has been serviced. I maintain it myself which is a breeze due to the space around almost everything. It loves 100 octane if you can get it.

The only thing that I am not happy with is the windscreen trim has lifted and causes wind noise at speed.

I think this is the best value for money car I could have bought at the time and considering it still drives like a new car, I think I might keep it and see if I can get to 500000km.

24th Sep 2008, 00:52

I was given my VT Commodore when it had 166,000kms on it.. its now just clicked over 230,000 and I have had the car for 3 years.

I have had Belt tensioner replaced, alternator replaced, swaybar bushes and tierod ends done.

The Front shocks have had it and are going to be replaced shortly.

My car is stock, and I get 11/5-13L to the 100 around town and about 9 on the open road. I am going to get a performance filter for it soon I hope.

The Diff clunks on overrun and the auto isn't the smoothest.. But I tell ya what.. this thing has only ever let me down once.. when a wire on the starter motor come loose.

The rising cost of fuel is tempting me into another car.. but I am also looking at LPG as I love this car too much. Its got an array of car park damage from other careless people... but it adds a bit of charm... as the person above me said.. I wanna see if it will make the 500,000km mark, I am confident it will as I know 2 other people who have VR commodores with 450,000+ k on them.

7th Oct 2008, 04:43

I have a VT series 1 Calais that has done 175k.

I have experienced many of the problems outlined, but have been fortunate to be able to repair most myself.

One problem I have experienced twice is a burnt out wiring loom coming off the alternator. On the first occasion, the auto electrician claimed that the alternator had burnt out and as I was interstate, could not fix it myself He charged $700.

On the next occasion, my local auto electrician explained that it was the wiring coming off the alternator that burns out due to insufficient air circulation (cooling) at the rear of the alternator; heat build up and burnt wiring.

Bosch make a replacement section of wiring, which fitted was under $100.

Otherwise like the vehicle, and drive it as an alternative to my VY 11 and VE Calais.

24th Nov 2008, 00:53

I have a VT 2000 Series 2, have recently had problems with the ABS module, and many blown globes. The ABS module I have now replaced with a later model module, which now works fine.

I also have a problem with my power steering rack, leaks like a sieve!! Have had a lot of trouble with head light globes blowing and rear tail and brake light globes blowing! Does anyone else have these troubles?

Need to adjust my hand brake - anyone got any ideas how?

16th May 2009, 19:01

I have a 1998 VT Commodore and have also had a few problems.

I also get a flood of water into the boot after I lift my boot lid after a rain, & have noticed a puddle of oil under the car from a leaky sump.

Last night I went to go for a drive and my remote key wouldn't work, so I tried to use my spare one and that wouldn't work either, so I tried the key manually and got in the car and turned the ignition and the alarm came on. Now I can't start the car because of the immobiliser and can't reset the alarm, because both of my remote keys don't work.

Very very frustrating...