28th Nov 2009, 16:56

I have 99 VT Calais, and have just started noticing the following faults:

Diff whine and clunk on overrun (seems to be a very common issue, and I hear can be sorted with an oil additive from Holden).

Air bag alarm comes on intermittently, but never when vehicle is warm. I suspect it is a connection or a faulty collision sensor, but am a little uncomfortable in finding it myself just in case I inadvertently deploy the air bags.

Windscreen has a small leak and water sometimes collects at the drivers footwell.

The indicator flasher unit sometimes continues flashing when I straighten up after a turn, but without the dashlights illuminating. I heard this can be fixed pretty easily, but if you don't it can be a potential fire hazard.

Otherwise a pretty good car considering the kilometres it has clocked up (240000km)

6th Jan 2010, 18:10

I have a 2000 VT series 2. Ex Telstra, purchased it 2 years ago for $5K with 140,000kms. It now has 190,000kms. Have had no problems at all apart from the original key going flat, resulting in immobiliser staying on and no crank/start. It is a wagon, so no boot leakage problems. Great car for the $. Would recommend to anyone.

28th Feb 2010, 03:50

VT won't run without AFM disconnected??? Please help..

Have replaced, crank angle sensor, coil pack modulator.

Lasted about 4 weeks, till was driving home a few days ago when the cruise control was set on 100 km and engine cut out totally and rolled to a stop, straight away thinking it was a faulty crank sensor maybe?? So I sat in the car for about 30 minutes till the engine cooled down and attempted to start it up, and puffed and chugged a bit, but wouldn't stay running. Had to tow the car home.

Have replaced the AFM with a V8, which has the same 3pin connector, hoping it still will work?? But still won't idle with the AFM connector on.. Have also changed O2 sensor,still the same, I'm now thinking faulty ECU or chip?? I remember when I removed the ECU a while ago, it was that hot I could have cooked an egg off it, damn hot, so possibly fry ECU or fried chip???

I have also looked at other forums stating it could be ABS control module??? I'm totally unsure what this issue is now, anyone with the same issues and a idea on a repair?? Thanks..

Day 2, just replaced the ECI and fitted a V6 AFM and still no change. Any ideas please???????

3rd Oct 2010, 23:10

I have a VT Berlina 5.7 Gen 3 2000 S2 wagon (yes, a wagon, rare find) which has only done 178000 kms.

The only problem/fault that I have at the moment is the rear tailgate gas struts have gone. I will be replacing them very shortly. One minor problem is that even though it is a V8, Holden have put a silencer on the exhaust because it was built as a family car. I got an exhaust expert to cut it out and it now has a nice growl sound but I will replace the whole system with a 2 1/2" shortly.

Apart from that, I think I have bought myself a gem of a vehicle that Holden have made and am very happy.

11th Oct 2010, 05:00

Hi all am new to this.

I have a VT Berlina with climate control air, and am having problems with air con. The face vents work, but when you accelerate, air goes to the demist vents and when you back off it returns. It is mostly OK on flat roads and any small incline it will do it. So far I have replaced the one way valve at the rear of the engine and it is in the right way. I changed the vacuum bank under the glove box, also changed the actuators, one on the right side and one just behind cigarette lighter. I pulled the console radio etc out and also checked the air tank on the left side up behind glove box. I pulled the air line off and only a small amount of air came out, I checked the engine port was not blocked.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this, it has cost a fair amount of money so far, next I suppose is getting the dash pulled out to check if any hoses are crimped.

12th Oct 2010, 22:10

I have had a VT Series II since new.

It has had electrical problems from the start. Car has had misfiring problems and sometimes completely goes dead when driving along. All electrics have gone dead, even when it has been parked. There have been problems in the wiring, had to replace crank angle sensor, ABS module and airbag module. Tail lights blow all the time. The rear brake light blew again a couple of days ago.

The mechanic and auto electrician are sick of my car and I am sick of paying the bills and having an unreliable car.