1987 Holden Camira SL 1.8L inline 4 from Australia and New Zealand


Good reliable car


Listed in order:

Brake caliper bolt fell out while driving!

Both rear engine mounts are now broken. I am replacing them soon.

Brake booster just died a week ago. I have now installed a second hand replacement.

Has a shake when I go over 90kph. If anyone knows what causes this, please leave a comment!!

General Comments:

My Camira is a Feb 1987 1.8 Litre throttle body fuel injected inline 4, with 3 speed automatic gearbox.

This car has been very good to me, it really does take everything I give to it. It's reliable (remember, new cars can break down), still looks quite modern, is very very very good on petrol, rides very well (much like a Commodore) and for what it is, has a lot getup if you need to dump it.

My question to readers:

I would really like to have a project car of some sort. I really do like Camiras, but the problem I face is that my Camira is a wagon. I was thinking of selling and then buying a JE Camira, instantly gaining another 20kws as they are a 2.0L multi-point inline 4. And of course it would be a sedan.

I would like to hear your views on what I should do?

And for those people who think Camiras are an absolute joke, if you haven't driven one (a good one), then lay off!!!

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Review Date: 6th November, 2002

16th Jun 2003, 02:03

I own a 2.0 multi-point fuel injected white Camira. It is great and I agree with the comment; don't bag a Camira unless you've driven a good one.

I'm trying to fix it up, but so far I've only got a pod filter and a sound system, and seat covers with steering wheel cover and mats. I want to put red neon's underneath, and put a body kit or even just a front bar. I don't care; I just want to make it even greater.


1987 Holden Camira SLX 2.0L EFI (multipoint) from Australia and New Zealand


For it's age and price, the JE Camira is excellent


Seized the crankshaft due to previous owners oversight of not changing the oil.

The aircon doesn't work any more - I think the clutch needs replacing. Also the compressor bearings are rough and are a formidable fix-it job, so the aircon system has effectively 'gone to God'.

Front left headlight is woeful. That's being fixed at the moment. I've seen a lot of Camiras with the same problem. As the lights are only 55W, I'm going to have a new relay installed so that 100W globes can be inserted.

Some rust has presented itself, but that's no surprise. The bottom of the tailgate (it's a wagon) is rusting out somewhat due to Holden not putting any water escape holes in (which I've had to do).

The driver's side foot wells (both driver and passenger) were flooding when water was on the road. This was traced back to rust in the right front wheel arch which leaked water into the engine bay which rusted through the firewall. This was first priority to be fixed.

I'm forever fixing things, but what else can be expected with a car of this age?!

General Comments:

For it's age and price, the JE Camira is excellent. I'd buy another without hesitation. I know several people with the same car and they are of similar opinions.

It is an excellent first car for anyone and I expect to keep mine until at least 2004. It just never seems to stop. It's ultra-reliable and uses virtually no fuel (850km per tank on freeway).

There's enough power and torque to satisfy most driving conditions (eg. five people; fully loaded for camping, etc.), but the handling is not wonderful. Power steering would be nice, as would a good set of shock absorbers.

The ride is comfortable though a little shaky at times due to the car's lack of mass (1050kg) and construction quality.

The heater is good, but not great, with the only luxury needed being a new aircon unit.

There's lots of wind noise - the SLE does not seem to have this problem. I think the engine mounts need replacing as the car tends to vibrate at certain engine frequencies.

The original stereo was terrible. All 4 speakers and the stereo unit had to be replaced.

Unlike the JB & JD Camiras, the JE Camira is not a lemon. It's probably the best of any similarly aged car beside the Toyota Camray.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2002