1987 Holden Camira SLi 2000 2.0 litre efi from Australia and New Zealand


Great, I would certainly buy another if they were available new


Very little has gone wrong with the car actually. I jumper started our tractor some years ago with it, which damaged the ECU, and it had to be replaced, but the book did warn against that. I see that as my fault.

I did notice a pin head of rust at the millar strip of the rear windscreen, but I got that fixed at that stage, then I fitted an electronic rust preventer, and no rust ever since.

Apart from general wear and tear at reasonable stages, there simply have been no problems.

Overall a great car. I am very impressed.

General Comments:

At present it has 371,000 km on it, and the head has never been off it. I wonder whether the long life Nulon I used when it was new has any bearing on the engine reliability. The gearbox has never been touched, it still has the original engine pipe, however the rear muffler has been replaced twice.

I have fixed whatever went wrong immediately, and it shows in the car.

I have had it 23 years, and I plan on keeping it. Only 700 were built, and I can't recall seeing another SLi 2000 on the road for near 5 years now.

It is kept under a cover all the time, and the battery on a trickle charger, and taken out only a day or two a week. In all honesty, it is not quite in showroom condition, but it is certainly not far from it.

The car is very good performance wise; even now it accelerates rapidly for an 85kw engine.

The interior space is perhaps its greatest downfall, yet for a large male to be able to drive it with reasonable comfort, makes it tolerable in this area.

It is the sort of car that I could confidently hop in and drive 900km from Queensland to Sydney, and know that nothing would plague me mechanically.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2010

24th Feb 2011, 03:11

We also have an SLI 2000. It is a great car, and we have also never seen another one on the road.

Would anyone know where we would find how many were built?

16th Mar 2012, 08:17

Paid $18000 for one of these piles of junk in 1988. Timing chain broke, rear shocker collapsed, boot and tail lights filled with water, constantly blowing fuses, oil and coolant leaks, speedo noise, and the fuel gauge never worked. Lost $9000 in 18 months.

Traded this Camira lemon on a new Hi-lux, which has now done 720,000 trouble free kms. Have also had a 2005 Commodore SV6, which was a great car. I can tell you exactly why there are few SLi 2000's left!

15th Aug 2014, 23:50

No Camira has ever had a timing chain, or cost $18000, are you sure you know what you're driving?

1987 Holden Camira 1.8L Fuel Injected from Australia and New Zealand


Never buy a camira, they're a waste of money


Pretty much everything has gone wrong with this car. It has needed a whole engine rebuild. I have had it for at least 2 years and still have not got it running. A lot more problems have occur-ed since I have got it.

Opened up the engine at 170000km and needed full gasket set into it.

Compression Leaking into cylinders, Valves not seating properly, crack in-between valves.

Paint has gone down due to sitting outside for a very long time.

General Comments:

Haven't driven it yet so don't know too much about it yet...

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Review Date: 5th February, 2008

1987 Holden Camira SLX 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


GM's late '80s masterpiece


Fourth main bearing collapsed. Replaced with a jam tin home made device. Worked well, but the exhaust stunk of rotten apricots.

General Comments:

One of the most riveting drives you can imagine. Acceleration will cause a constriction in your spine. This car gets so many looks I have to wear shades. Holden's in line four is turbine smooth and out-does my Jaguar V12. Auto gearbox changes like a racing F1 machine. Buy one - you will not regret it.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2006

27th May 2006, 18:03

Where can I get one??!!

29th May 2006, 07:23

At your local wreckers!!!

Or in the paper in the "under 50 bucks" section.

No really, the Camira was a fabulous car in the 80s and is still quite a good performer today. All I can say is that with the current petrol price, no one can go past the Camira as the new "Commodore" - very roomy and powerful car.