1987 Holden Camira JE 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap, good first car, but uninspiring to drive


Replaced distributor and leads 2 weeks after purchase.

High pressure fuel line broke spraying petrol all over exhaust. Check the rubber hoses!

Engine management computer replaced just before buying.

Air-conditioning doesn't work. Apparently not compatible with replacement computer.

Complete brake assembly replaced at 110000 km.

Clutch needs replacement soon.

General Comments:

The manual gearbox is extremely notchy and uncomfortable to use, and the clutch doesn't help. Tip: get an automatic version.

I hate the way you need to lift that lever to engage reverse.

Engine run well, with enough performance.

After getting a wheel alignment the car's handling improved, but it's nothing special.

Inside of car is very basic, only a single speaker AM radio.

Very good fuel consumption, around 6.5L/100km on the highway.

Overall, if you can't afford over $4000 then I would recommend one, but get one that has done low km's, or you'll spend another $4000 fixing it.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2002

1987 Holden Camira JE injected 2.0 litre from Australia and New Zealand


I still drive it


Replaced original shockers with gas ones at 94,000.

Front wheel bearings at 94,000.

Straightened front left strut at 94,000.

Replaced rear muffler 3 times - at 90,000, 105,000 and 183,000.

Engine mount at 135,000.

Left C/V joint at 115,000.

Paint is fading badly.

Front discs are warped - probably reached their minimum thickness by now.

General Comments:

This car is good to drive. The engine is very flexible and torquey giving it good acceleration without having to be worked too hard. Its a good hill climber, and performs quite well when fully loaded or towing.

The fuel economy in the city is around 10l/100km - a bit disappointing I think. In the country it gets closer to 8.

Once I replaced the original shockers with gas units, it became quite a good handler as well. On the limit it feels responsive, and can be brought into line with both the steering or the throttle. Its high speed stability is very good. My advice to people interested in this car is to ditch the original shockers - they are awful.

The manual gearbox is notchy and not particularly nice to use. However when you get the hang of it, its quite acceptable, and the gear ratios are ideally matched to the engine.

These cars have generally had a reputation for poor reliability and build quality. Mine has been quite reliable - particularly in recent years. The engine still isn't using any oil, and really it hasn't needed any more than routine serviceing for a number of years. Overall they are cheaply made with cheap interiors and body panels that don't quite match up. However, mine still feels fairly tight and solid - much more so than many Commodores of similar vintage that I have driven.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2001

24th May 2004, 07:43

I find it strange that one of your rear mufflers only lasted 15,000kms!!??

1st Mar 2005, 20:29

I just bought my little beast for $1300 and it goes like the clappers. It's running beautifully and it's done over 240,000kms! Go you good thing!