1985 Holden Commodore VK 3.3 straight six from Australia and New Zealand


An overall great, reliable car


The handbrake has never worked very well at all, I have heard this same complaint from other VK owners.

Automatic transmission has become a bit jerky when accelerating and travelling up steep hills.

General Comments:

This car is, in my opinion, the best looking car of its era.

It is fairly nimble and has very tight steering. I found it a complete pleasure to drive.

The VK holds the road very well, and has seemed to have no problems with travelling at high speeds.

Overall, an excellent car which you can really get used to.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2001

1985 Holden Commodore VK 3.3 carb from Australia and New Zealand


This car is a beast


Differential wore out - easy to fix, just get a new one from the wreckers.

Excessive movement in the steering rack - needed reconditioning, cheap.

Expensive to change the gearbox due to the tail-shaft, extension housing, etc. Very expensive.

General Comments:

The 3.3 carby goes hard when modified, like a 350 Holley carb.

The 5 speed manual gets it going well.

Parts are cheap and made locally.

Expensive on fuel, but definitely worth it.

My Commodore performed very well against newer models in street drag racing.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2001

25th Nov 2001, 20:35

You need to review the little things on the car eg. colour, body kit, spoiler, tinted windows, power windows/mirrors and how much horse power it has and what other cars you beat in the drags.

As a new owner of a vk I want your advice on what to do to it to make it better. Please e-mail me at...

ADICK_33@YAHOO.COM.AU and tell me your views.

Thanks ADRIAN.

1985 Holden Commodore VK 2.0L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


For its age it's a good all round average car


Not much compared to previous cars owned (all Nissan and Ford).

Rust on the inside bottom of the doors.

Radiator leaks. But easily fixed.

Needed to replace radiator hoses, cheaply and easily fixed.

Thermostat needed replacing, cheap but a little difficult to install.

Water pump went, cheap to replace and difficult to install.

Needed brakes replaced, a bit difficult to do, but relatively cheap.

Most expensive detail that needed replacing was one of the headlights, which cost an excessive $500 to buy new, but I found one with not too much searching for $50. The headlights have a habit of rusting on the inside.

Driver's side door trims have a habit of falling off.

Original paint is not too good, it has a tendency to crack and flake, but I hear many of these cars were recalled and repainted by Holden.

Fuel gauge is faulty, and I have no idea what's wrong with it or how to fix it as it says nothing about it in the original owners manual.

All pretty minor maintenance stuff considering its age.

General Comments:

This car has a comfortable and roomy interior.

It is a pretty comfortable smooth ride.

Is very sluggish up hills, and a bit on the noisy side. Cruises nicely on the open road.

Blows black/blue smoke when cold started. But starting in the cold is no problem, always threatens to stall in the cold but doesn't, lacks guts though.

Nice looking solid car.

Could use some minor modifications.

Costly to run, but cheap to fix, maintain or modify.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2001

4th Sep 2001, 06:40

2.0L VK commodore??

I don't think so bro.

22nd Jul 2002, 01:22

Can you get VK's in a 4 cylinder? or straight 6?

20th Sep 2002, 10:27

Nope they only come in 6cyl and V8's.

14th Dec 2002, 21:40

The VK commodore was available with 3 engines, there was the standard 6 cylinder 3.3 carburetor, the optional EI 3.3, which wasn't very reliable and the V8.

20th Dec 2002, 19:48

The Vk was available in 2.0 litre petrol,

I have an 86 vk vacationer in the garage with a factory 2 litre engine, although I am unsure whether this engine was manufactured by Holden or Nissan.

3rd Jul 2003, 00:25

The 2.0lt VL commodore was available in New Zealand.

16th Nov 2003, 23:28

The 2.0L commodores were mainly exported... I think that's all written in the VK handbook. cheers m.

31st Aug 2004, 23:19

Your black smoke is due to wrong fuel mixture.

25th May 2014, 05:01

Well they did make a 1.9L 4 cylinder.