1987 Holden Commodore SL 3.0ltr 6 cylinder nat. asp. from Australia and New Zealand


Practical car for parts with a bit of power to boot


Odometer disengaging and turning over wrong columns (instead of 100 meter increments, 1000 kms!). Under warranty and being fixed. Apparently a common problem with VL's.

Some brackets on dashboard cracked causing movement. Cheap a/c gas fitted which will trash seals in system.

General Comments:

Well, I paid top dollar but I got myself a VL with only 25,000kms on it! I have all the service papers to prove it, in the last 3 years it has done under 1000 kms! It still has the original tyres on it (about another 4000kms to go). I am respraying the bonnet because of stone chips. Apart from that its immaculate. The steering wheel and pedal grips look untouched. Its almost weird.

Drives like new (obviously), I have always liked VL's and although its the plain jane model the condition makes up for it. Handles nicely with a bit of poke.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2002

1987 Holden Commodore Berlina 3.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Goes HARD!! No doubt


I blew out my resonator in the exhaust.

I then blew out my Cat in the exhaust.

Air conditioning turns itself on and off.

My indicator stalk snapped.

Headlight fuses blew and melted.

Something simple in the ignition disallowed the key to turn over, therefore the car didn't start.

General Comments:

Other than it's few simple problems this car was a real bargain for $4500. It is a Berlina so it has a luscious interior and all the electrics (eg.mirrors, windows, aerial, cruise control etc.)

The engine is great, it hold up, no matter how much I give it. I've got dual fuel on it, it's currently tuned to LPG, but I'm thinking of tuning it to petrol for some extra power, just wondering if it's worth it???

I blew out my resinator a while ago, replaced it, then blew out the CAT, so I got a whole new 2 1/2 sports system fitted with the CAT. Goes much nicer and sounds horny!!

I've also got a autotechnica sports steering wheel fitted which is great!! Other than that, no mods! Mainly cos insurance won't let me.

Anyone with any tips on how to enhance the performance for cheap, comment me or email me at Shan190@hotmail.com

I'm getting some interceptor wheels and my windows tinted as soon as I get the money. And then start thinking about a respray. Just wondering how much a respray would cost, anyone who knows a good place around Melbourne let me know.

Unfortunately I recently had someone stop right in front of me, and Holden brakes being what they are, I went straight into him. I stuffed my front panel and headlights, and his towbar went straight through my bumper and knocked my radiator back. VL's crumble at the front to save the engine. In a way that's good, but can be also very expensive to fix. I'm paying $1200 for this.

Overall this car is a street sleeper and can go like a rocket. Nissan engines rule!!

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Review Date: 9th January, 2002

1987 Holden Commodore VL Executive 3.0L from Australia and New Zealand


Great first car


Water pump replaced.

Crank angle sensor replaced.

Odometer works when it wants to, not sure if it can be fixed.

General Comments:

Since having the car I have done a few little things to it. Just recently 2 pac respray.

2.5 inch sports exhaust, sounds a hell of a lot better.

Put in a Kenwood CD Player with a pair of 6" x 9"'s in the back.

At the moment the car goes great and sounds very good. But I'm still wanting to get more performance out of it.

Looks great and a good all round cruising car. Has no traction in the wet though.

Future mods for my car:

16" mag wheels and tyres.

Cold air induction with a K&N.



Port and polish the head.

Possibly chip it.

Anyone with suggestions leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2001