2000 Holden Commodore vx 3.8L V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Well rounded cruiser, engine lacks top end


Tensioner pully bearings became noisy.

Fan belt replaced as was starting to crack.

Locating dowel fell out if the flywheel and became lodged between the gearbox and flywheel, causing a very irritating noise. Had to file a hole to remove the dowel.

General Comments:

Very comfortable cruiser, even with a few passengers on board. Seats are wide and nicely cushioned, so even those on the bigger side can seat comfortably.

The clutch is light and easy to use around town.

Even with a manual box behind it, the Ecotec engine is lackluster in performance terms. After hitting a sweet spot in the middle of the rev range, it gets raspy and struggles to push towards the redline.

Open differential causes the car to lose traction on wet surfaces. It should have included an LSD as standard.

As long as the Ecotec is kept on the lower side of the rev range, it will operate smoothly.

There is some spots of decent torque that are easily extracted without having to rev the guts out of the engine, notably around 3-4k RPM.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2010

2000 Holden Commodore VT from Australia and New Zealand


Piece of crap!!!


Driver's seat broke.

Brakes failed.

Brake booster leaked.

Diff clunks.

Trans broke 2 weeks after buying the car at 131100.

Now the air bag light stays on with a warning chime, and the air conditioner and fan don't work.

General Comments:

Piece of crap!!!

Will never buy another Holden again.

I should have listened to my dad and bought a Ford.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2010

8th Jan 2013, 00:21

No offence, but it sounds like you bought a VT that wasn't looked after before you got it. Sounds like it had a hard life, cos my VT is still going strong. Well over 200,000ks with all original running gear, including the radiator.

Don't blame Holden, blame its previous owners.


25th Jul 2014, 15:54

Mate, it sounds like you got one that has not been looked after. It wouldn't matter what make of car you buy if it hasn't been looked after; they will all be like this!

15th Dec 2014, 05:26

Exactly - do you know all and the exact history with your 2nd hand Commodore?

Did the last owner crash it, thrash it, not maintain it at all, never change the oil, drive it at top speed for 2 hours etc etc etc??? Are you aware of everything he did? I'm sure he would have told you when you bought it from him, because he wanted the lowest price for his car...

2000 Holden Commodore VT Series 2 Acclaim 3.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Better than the sum of its parts


ABS module failed at 220000, and again at 234000. Very common on Commodores this age.

Airbag light came on. Reset with dealer computer; no further problems.

Drivers door lock actuator failed. Common fault.

Leaking power steer pump. Fixed myself with a $30 kit.

General Comments:

It's a station wagon, which swallows all the family gear with ease. The large size is handy, but also makes it expensive to run around town.

It has a heavy duty towbar and transmission cooler, and tows large loads with ease.

It has FE2 suspension and 17 inch wheels. The ride/handling balance is excellent.

The interior does not wear well, with the seat fabric pilling badly and coming away from the seat foam, so it looks baggy. No rattles or creaks from the car though, despite the mileage.

Engine and transmission still perfect after all those kilometres.

The ABS fault is very common it seems. Fixed permanently second time round by an electronics firm. It's a known Bosch ABS pump controller fault.

Overall a crude car by modern standards, but we like it. It was very cheap to buy, and quite cheap to maintain if you avoid the dealer like the plague.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2010

2000 Holden Commodore VT Olympic Edition 3.8lt EcoTec from Australia and New Zealand


EXCELLENT CAR!! Great performance, comfort, the whole package!!


- Brake shudder. Only happens when the brakes are warm. (Have had the discs machined, but still happens)

- Driver door rattles and air leaks in when traveling at 100km/h (Due to door being replaced, not a fault of Holden).

General Comments:

For Buick V6...this is pretty damn fast. I know for a fact that it will take on a lot of other cars!! (have challenged many Nissans and blown it off, and it is stock)!!

The handling is good, apart from all the body roll. This is easily fixed with a front strut brace.

The seats are surprisingly comfortable, and I have taken it on a few long journeys.

It also looks great sitting on a set of 16-inch Calais rims (stock), much better that the steel rims and hub caps you get on an executive model.

I am completely satisfied with this car; the looks, the comfort, the reliability and the performance.

I am so happy with the looks and style of the VT Commodore, I am looking into getting a HSV VT Club Sport (5.7lt) model.

VT= :D.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2009